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    That's good to know, it would be short-sighted of Palm not to consider people owning more than one webOS tablet device.

    Certainly shouldn't have to pay for the same app on each device. As mentioned above it's a single purchase for iPads...but also for Macs. e.g. purchase iMovie through the App Store on an iMac and it can be downloaded to a Macbook which has the same Apple User ID.
    Not everyone agrees. I remember back in the PalmOS days, some apps could be shared across devices, as long as same profile was used, and others were locked to specific devices. The same thing is true in corporate software. Not everyone follows Apple's model.
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    When I got my 32gb touchpad in July I logged in with the same profile as my Pre-. All my contacts and accounts transferred. As did my catalog apps. Homebrew stuff you have to handle yourself.
    When I got my Veer, the same account transfer occurred, save the touchpad only HP catalog apps. However, this time the Pre- was booted from the account.
    As was stated, and as I understand it, you can have multiple 'secondary devices' (of which there is only the touchpad) but only one phone. I would like to have my Pre 2 on the same profile, but the single phone restriction is preferable to a tablet restriction.

    So, I think, Mannymendez, that you will only need to purchase once for both tablets.

    Though with all the loot you saved over getting two iPads for them, you could buy a lot of

    to me, it's exciting to hear there will be kids growing up webOS exposed like DOS or whatever that apple2 interface was for me. . . .*tear* I miss unfriendly UI white text on black background. . .where's my green and black only screen! :-)
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    just activated a second TP on my account for my wife. It's currently installing all the apps that I downloaded and had installed from the last saved restore point. Looks likes it's working as it should. Though I don't know what will happen when I download new apps on both. We shall see.

    I'll just have to make sure that I register her account separately.
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    I have 4 TouchPads and 1 PalmPre using the same HP/Palm Profile:

    1. The Pre and TP#1 is for me, and TPs #2,3,4 are for my kids.
    2. TP#1 was setup to sync with my Pre. (the setup flow prompts you to select one device from the list of devices already on your profile)
    3. All apps that were on the Pre showed up on TP#1 (most worked; some of the PDK games did not work properly, some did).
    4. I purchased and installed some TouchPad optimized apps for TP#1
    5. TP#2 was setup to sync with TP#1.
    6. All apps that were on TP#1 showed up on TP#2
    7. I removed all email, calendar, facebook account, contacts, etc from TP#2, since those were for me only. I then added a few contacts with Skype info using HP/Palm Profile to store them. I also removed apps that my kids would not care about. So TP#2 became my template for a "Kid's TouchPad".
    8. TPs #3 and #4 were setup to sync with TP#2.
    9. All apps that were on TP#2 showed up on TP#3 and #4
    10. All contacts that were on TP#2 showed up on TP#3 and #4
    11. Later on, during the six-pack free promo code, I purchased 3 games on TP#1. I also purchased a game for my son on TP#4.
    12. All 4 games now showed up as "free" on all of the other TP's App Catalogs. I manually installed each one.

    This is absolutely FANTASTIC. I don't have to buy 4 copies of every game for my family to enjoy. I don't have to worry about which device to purchase it on. I can 'remove' an app from a particular TP without affecting the others, and reinstall it later if desired. This beats paying $50 x 3 for a DSi game so each of my kids can play it. Now I pay an average of $5 for a top-notch game and all my kids (plus me!) can enjoy it. As a result, I have gone nuts buying as many apps as possible.

    You can not do this with phones. Only WebOS 3.x devices, i.e., the TouchPad, support this.

    Note: I read somewhere that developers can choose whether or not to allow their app to be installed on multiple devices with a single purchase. None of the apps I purchased had this restriction. Kudos to developers for this. It might seem like they take a hit in the short run, but it makes managing the apps for each device so simple that it encourages impulse buying like never before.

    There is a maximum number of devices you are allowed to use with each Profile, but I am not sure if (1) it is 5 or 6 devices and (2) if the device count includes the Pre. Anyone know the answer to this?
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