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    Hey everyone. I had a touchpad in my cart at HP small business this morning. I had to go to the car to get my CC, so I saved my cart. I came back in and retrieved my cart, and continued through the order process.

    I got to the point where I submitted my order and it showed an order number, and then it disappeared and I got the VBS error that we have all been getting today and last night.

    I can still pull up my saved cart and it shows the touchpad still in it. Here is where it gets weird. They charged my card for the touchpad, but I haven't gotten a conformation.

    Question is, how long does it take to get a conformation from HP?
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    it took me 38 hours, but you should be able to look at your order status and see if the order went through.
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    I also ordered mine thru small business this morning & my card was charged but I have not received any sort of confirmation email as of yet. I'd say check your balance, if you were charged it probably went thru. You can also sign in with the profile you created when ordering to view the status as mentioned above.
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    I ordered 3 on Friday, didn't get the email confirmation until today, but I did get a phone call at home (I was out of town all weekend) yesterday saying that the order did not go through. My credit card was never charged. My order online still says that it's being processed. As a backup, I've ordered 1 from Amazon and 2 from
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    Remember that that part of HP is closed on the weekend so i am going to be optimistic as to that being the reason there havent been any confirmation emails. I ordered mine at 12:30 am Sunday morning. Card is charged, nothing comes up when i search the order number they gave me, and no email yet.
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    I ordered last night, 11pm est. Just got my confirmation email for 3 32g.
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    I ordered 2 16gb yesterday afternoon from hp small biz and I got the confirmation at 6:30 this afternoon, cc was charged yesterday afternoon.
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    Ok just got my confirmation email! Jackpot.

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    Ordered mine at roughly 11pm EST on Friday. Got confirmation emails around 11 AM TODAY!
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    Still no email here, and if I search for my order with email login and password it says login failed. Hmmmmm.

    I just hope they fire sale the Pre3's that we all know they have sitting in a warehouse somewhere

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