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    From SemiAccurate

    Insiders say there is one company looking at the HP PC line | SemiAccurate

    The other bit is far less important, but does make you wonder. Sources in sunny California are saying that the Palm/WebOS tablets were actually not selling badly, and in fact were selling quite well. Given the acceptable sales, and the short life span, it makes you really wonder why the line was canceled. The OS was arguably the best out there, warts and all, but wasn’t being supported nearly as well as HP was saying. The PRPRPR $screed$ $does$ $not$ $match$ $the$ $purported$ $facts$, $at$ $least$ $if$ $you$ $have$ $access$ $to$ $the$ $real$ $numbers$. $Something$ $is$ $fishy$ $here$, $very$ $very$ $fishy$.$S$|$A$
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    Fairly interesting. Charlie has a knack for digging stuff up. It still baffles me how this cluster**** of a PRPRPR $disaster$ $happened$. $But$ $now$, $with$ $TouchPads$ $selling$ $like$ $mad$, $you$ $have$ $to$ $wonder$ $what$ $the$ $heck$ $is$ $going$ $on$ $at$ $HP$. $Did$ $they$ $have$ $some$ $kind$ $of$ $plan$? $Or$ $is$ $this$ $still$ $just$ $one$ $big$ $Leo$ $F$'$up$?

    We'll know pretty soon, I think.

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