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    Just wondering if anyone bought a second touchpad for hardware spare, family and friends, or for reselling?
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    I bought three even though I have owned one since launch day. One of them is for me to keep as a spare. The other two, I'm selling them to friends (selling them at the same price I paid - $99).
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    people should be donating them to webOS internals since they can't buy theming Australia and mexico.
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    Yes-- one for work, one for home, one for backup. Although the backup will probably turn into "the other one for home" as I become too lazy to move the TP from room A to B.

    Now those Touchstones just need to come down in price so I can keep the batteries charged...
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    I ordered a second one. My launch day device will be returned to amazon for a full refund since they won't do the price match.
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    Bought 2 more, one each for my son and daughter, awesome deal.
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    Picked up 4 more..2 of each. All will be given to relatives for Christmas presents...only after patches and kernel upgrades of course. Two will be going to Brazil... anyone know if Portuguese is available on the TP?

    Wow... looks like everyone is trying to get 3.0.2... servers must be slammed tonight! Wonder if I should wait a week.... but I'm crazy excited to see this much activity in webOS sphere.... we should start getting some sweet apps now! Yay!
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    I got 3 more. 1 for my wife and 1 for each of the kids...
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    I have purchased a total of 7. One for me, the rest for friends who want tablets but have never used webOS before.

    Hopefully I can do my small part in building interest in WebOS
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    i got a 16gb....figured for $99 i'll find a friend that couldnt get one, or i'll give it to the wife or heck, let it sit for spare parts in the event my 32gb has any issues.

    wife is in love with android (has an evo 3d) so maybe once android can be loaded up on it she'll probably want it

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    I bought 2 extra. I'm just a sucker for a deal LOL
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    I have bought 10 in total. I expect to pick up at least 3 more if the deals are still around at the end of the week.

    I am happy to give them to Family members so they can experience the beauty of webOS.
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    I grabbed 2 16GB, 1 for my mom and 1 extra, just cause.
    Then I grabbed a 32GB for myself, upgrading from my pocket-tab (sprint pre doctored to bypass carrier activation) was actually looking to grab a TP since launch, just didn't come across a good deal until this weekend!
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    I bought one from HP's site before BB started offering a credit - which turned out to be cash back on my 18 months 0% interest BB account. I'm gonna keep both!
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    I myself bought 4, 2 for me (1 will be used as a hardware spare), 1 for my wife (used as an ebook reader, web browsing and email), and 1 for my son and daughter to share (play games and watch movies on trips). I also got 2 extra that my friend told me to get for him. I will be selling those to him exactly the price I paid for them including shipping.
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    got one for the baby
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    3 of the 32 gb's, here.. one for myself, my wife and my 19 year old daughter.
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    When I told my wife I'd bought one for us to share, she was annoyed that I hadn't bought one for her exclusive use, so for the purposes of martial harmony, I had to go back and get a second.
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    one 32gb for me, one 16gb for the woman ;]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    people should be donating them to webOS internals since they can't buy theming Australia and mexico.
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