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    Two 32gb. One for me, one for the wife...
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    Count me in. Figured I'd use the second at the office, instead of toting my original TP back and forth every day. Now, if the Touchstone price would begin to drop...
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    Returned my $600 release-day 32 to BB, bought two 32's at Staples for $150- one for me, one for my son. Funny thing: my new one is actually better than my original, which had the glass separation and mis-aligned usb port issues. Now just hoping webOS can hang in there...
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    Don't forget 2 TP=TTS capability.
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    I would LOVE for someone that got extras to sell me one at cost. I have been trying to get one for my father for Christmas and I can't get a hold of one.
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    I bought a second TouchPad today. After I bought my first TouchPad yesterday .
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorsedge View Post
    I ordered a second one. My launch day device will be returned to amazon for a full refund since they won't do the price match.
    I got one for that reason and I'm trying to get another one for use as a home/backup device.
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    4 in total. 1 for me and my wife and one each for the kids - gave them the choice between a Touchpad and a DS and they chose a TP
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    I got 2, bought on from HP, then started hearing about cancellations so I managed to snag one from best buy. So far my original order hasn't been cancelled. Been debating giving it to family member or something.
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    Got 2x32's because 16's were not in stock online. And mostly to hedge against HP cancelling my order (2nd one was through best buy online, had the 16GB in my cart on my phone, but my password was wonky, had to reset it.. and 16GB went out of stock).

    Dunno what I'll do w/ the 2nd touchpad. I'd keep 2x16's for $200, but 2x32's...

    Can't really donate the whole thing to the webOSinternal guys, but if folks are willing to chip in (and shipping isn't insane to wherever), I'm game for it. (assuming I actually receive both of them)
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    A friend tried to get 2 (a 32GB and a 16GB) from BestBuy and when he went to pick it up, he was told they were limiting the sale to one device per household instead of just one of each SKU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaleE View Post
    Just wondering if anyone bought a second touchpad for hardware spare, family and friends, or for reselling?
    I bought 4, 2 of each.
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    Got one for me, one for my buddy and one for my girl. All for less then the price of the original that I returned on Friday morning after the announcement.
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    As a pre- owner, and a week 2 touchpad adopter, I had planned to snag several more as a consolation to the 'Death,' but then suddenly the mainstream consumer was ALL OVER IT. Too bad HP is too mismanaged to harness this momentum...
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    If any of you are willing to part with one of your extras, I'd be willing to buy it from you. I'm in Australia and finding it impossible to get a hold of one.
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    i bought two, one for me one for wife, been using mine (32gb) for the past two days, i am in love!
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    I bought 4 more (2 of each). Amazon refused to price match, so I will be returning the one I bought from them last month for a full refund. The 4 new ones cost me less than the one from last month.
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    I bought one 32gb TouchPad for my mother, whom happens to be one of the most technologically unadvanced people I know, because when I let her test mine out for a day, she fell in love with it.

    Getting Epicurious (the cooking app), crosswords, facebook updates and the Kindle app for reading her favorite books are what got her attention, and getting her email, photos, Time magazine, solitaire, a full web experience with flash and "the youtube" got her completely hooked, I practically had to pry it away from her!

    (Just wait until I show her what else it can do...) She'll be a very happy person once I surprise her with it on Tuesday or Wednesday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    I have bought 10 in total. I expect to pick up at least 3 more if the deals are still around at the end of the week.

    I am happy to give them to Family members so they can experience the beauty of webOS.
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    Bad weekend to be on vacation. I'd get a second one if I could find one online for $99/149.
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