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    Yesterday, I took a chance and placed an order with for full-price TouchPads while they were in stock, in hopes that I'll be able to get them adjusted to the new "fire sale" prices. I see today that they're sold out (only available through third-party "marketplace" sellers now), but I'm not sure if they dropped prices first, just pulled their stock, or what.

    Anyone else have an order pending with at this point?


    (EDIT: Looks like they're back in stock again at the moment - still at full price, though)
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    I ordered one also and tried calling HP and to ask about refunds. Neither could help at this point. Maybe they will in a few days, not sure yet though.
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    My experience with is not great so I would not order them at full price and expect a price adjustment.
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    I ordered a 32GB Touchpad on August 21 (after HP announced the price drop) for $499 plus tax = $531. Today I got a notice that it shipped. Went to and contacted support on the web chat and asked her to match the price to $149. After a minute I got the reply that the refund was authorized and I would get refunded $349.99. So my total cost for this Touchpad is $181. I guess they can't refund the difference in sales tax. Thank you !!
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    I called and asked about price matching, the sales guy was very rude.

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