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    Any idea if these are going to be firesaled? It passed through the fcc so i'm sure they have some made... I'd much rather have that.
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    i would too!!! even at full price! i didn't get the original Touchpad because i wanted the smaller 7" one that was supposed to be coming soon :-(
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    Won't come out.
    I can almost guarantee it.
    I get that it passed FCC filling but HP simply isn't in a position to release it.
    I'm suspecting that it's gonna meet a faith of many unreleased electronics product:
    ending up as a collector item on eBay.
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    It could end up being the new Folio. A fitting coda to the Palm story.
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    if you have a firesaled touchpad you already have a touchpad GO....
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    I seriously doubt those will ever come to market.

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