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    So I redoctored my new TP (I think I said it correctly) to create the ext3fs for chroot and ubuntu. Everything has gone fine so far. I have my TP running the new doctor. I had enabled the option to bypass first use app because I had issues with it on my old pixie plus. So I wanted to make sure I could always get in.

    I'm in now, but I'd like to run the first use app to set up my palm profile but I cannot find it.

    I've tried searching, but haven't seen any threads yet to help.

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    when you go to account what is displayed under HP webos account? if you click there are you able to input anything? or create a new account?
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    when I click on Accounts from the settings tab. It just sits there with the circle next to Loading accounts.
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    eh. I went ahead and created a new doctor with the first use enabled.

    setting up chroot/ubutu was simple enough.

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