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    I just ordered another one. My wife finally decided she wants one for the kids and her.
    Update: Cancelled my 32GB order and bought the $99 one instead
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    Sold out in 10 minutes, Thanks anyway
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    I had one in cart but they didn't ship to my address...
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    The one I picked up for my wife yesterday at Office depot has a different model number FB359UA. what is the difference?
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    I just went there and was able to get one. Thought I missed it. Thanks!
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    I can finally get in on the savings!
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    Thanks, got a 16. If my order with HP sb goes through ill be selling a couple at cost on here.
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    So since the model number doesn't match the one that I have in my hands, is this a fake, or a display model, etc?
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    I found the link on the slickdeals forum. It said Onsale was in conjuction with Here is the link to the thread:

    16GB HP TouchPad 9.7" WiFi Tablet $126 -
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    Its not sold out at all, at first, my order was sent to my saved area for purchasing later, I just kept hitting move to cart until another re-seller was chosen, then I placed my order, just now, for the 32 GB, total including shipping was $155.76.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drachen808 View Post
    So since the model number doesn't match the one that I have in my hands, is this a fake, or a display model, etc?
    HP TouchPads – Tablet PCs

    Looks real enough to me.
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    I was talking about the 32 GB one that is in the OP
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    It seems like they are instock again. This is weird?
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    Thanks, just picked another one up for my friend, wow I've been lucky so far 3 with no waiting!
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    Thanks for the info, ordered one to a friend in US. He will send it to Germany ;-)

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    There is a god!
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    Just grabbed one. I am still waiting for my HP smb order to go through, grabbed this just in case. Might give it to my parents if both arrive
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    I also picked one up as well as a 16GB. Hardware spare for me and a gift for someone else.
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