Okay, I lucked out because my son (who works at Best Buy) was able to procure a Touchpad for my wife around 5pm yesterday to use as an e-reader before they all went bye-bye. I had gone into Best Buy in the afternoon and they were still saying they had already shipped them back to HP. I explained to them how that didn't make any sense because Wal-mart got the okay at 2:30am and Staples got the okay at 8am and both sold out in less than 30 minutes. I left very frustrated....then got a text with a picture of a Touchpad and the receipt next to it about 2 hours later! Then I wanted a second one for me since they were so cheap and went through hell and back to get one but it never happened as Best Buy sold all 82 units in less than 30 minutes! Add to that the fact I lost my mom yesterday and it was an overall **** day! This morning I woke up feeling depressed and spent...my wife was happy but I was dealing with grief AND envy. My daughter showed up and I had to break the news about her grandma dying and we had a good cry and lots of hugs. Then things took a turn for the better....my wife decided if she could go get a Kindle I could have the Touchpad! Now I only have to deal with the grief.

My son just got back from work and told me something that those of you who are still searching for the Holy Grail of deals will want to know. The guy at Best Buy who is in charge of their mobile division said that HP will have more in stock on or about Wednesday! I don't know any more than that but at least it gives you a chance to know when to start hitting their site and you can get something done for the next few days. Good luck to all of you...I feel your pain.