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    Just for the sake of saying, I did do a search on this and the threads I got back did not answer my question. I mostly found format conversion related threads.

    Anyways, long story short I just snagged one of the fire sale touch pads (and love it so far). I would love it even more if I could figure out how to get videos to work on the blasted thing. I torrented a copy of Zombie Land. And also for the sake of saying I already own a copy of the movie, the digital copy code just expired so I had to download it offline. The file format on the movie is AVI and then somewhere along the line says something about MPEG 4. I am not extremely tech savy in the video department so a lot of this is like a foreign language to me.

    I tried dragging and dropping the file over to the Touch Pads folders while it was docked to my computer via USB but I cannot get the file to show up anywhere. I cannot even figure out what the Touch Pads native media player is. I saw the "photos and videos" application but the only thing thats coming up under that is the default wall paper.

    Anyone have any tips for me on how to get movies playing? Perhaps I have the wrong format and need help converting, or if anyone can tell me how to even view video files that would be fantastic. This is a bit of an annoying problem. I was also reading a bit about the KalemSoft Media Player in the app store. Is it worth the $7.00 and would fix my problem or is there another way?

    Thanks in advance!
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    get a free program called handbrake and convert it. Or, there is an app in the catalog that may play AVI files.
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    The built-in movie player only plays h.264 MP4 files, unfortunately For anything else you need Kalemsoft.

    It's my experience that Kalemsoft works great with SD stuff but isn't fast enough to decode HD.

    IF you're okay with side-loading apps, there is a trial on the Kalemsoft site to try it yourself with your file to make sure it works.
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    Alright, another question in that case.

    Where should I be putting these files, which folder? When I have it docked and I can drag and drop I see all the different folders like 100 Palms, downloads, etc etc etc. Does it matter which folder I put it in or should the default player on the Touch Pad find it on the device provided its the right format?

    I might try the Kalemsoft trial just to see if it works. Was I in the right place for "photos and videos" section on the Touch Pad? As in if the format was right it should show up in there?
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    I created a directory called movies and sub-directories for each movie.
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    Definitely recommend KalemSoft Player. I only have experience with the Pre version, but it works perfectly. Even streaming 1080p scaled down for my phone is no problem. I do have a fast computer and internet connection. Also, the latest version of the program is much better than previous versions. It also works perfectly for viewing videos on your phone, however I think you need an internet connection in order for it to work.
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    So is the KalemSoft player going to play any and all video files dragged and dropped right to the TouchPad?
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    I cant say it'll play ANYTHING, but it handles what I've been able to throw at it so far. Which included a 720p HD video in AVI format. Since its HD though you will need to split the file up if its larger then 2 gb's. You can easily do this with virtualdub though and it takes all of 5 minutes.

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    I've had the same problem, even though it was converted to the mp4 format with the correct codec, the tp won't find it, but I can find it and play it with gemini (2.99 app). How is it that a file manager like gemini can find it and when I double click on it, the stock media player will play it, that doesn't make any sense. I think it's something to do with the photo/video app, because obviously if it were the format, the media player wouldn't play it.
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    There is a problem with all webOS devices where the Media Indexer does not always update in a timely manner. It will eventually update and your files will show in the applications. There are many threads on this issue here is one You can find more by searching on indexer.
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    Folks would save themselves all these hassle and palaver if they'd just drop whatever movie they *acquired* into the bajillion converters out there that convert to MP4. Simple as that.
    Oh, you're a cheapo who doesn't want to pay for a converter program, just stick with Handbrake. It's free and cross platform, Mac/Windows and on any dual core CPU, it converts fast enough.

    Just dumping an avi/mkv/rmvb/mpg/jib-jab whatever format and expecting it to play is foolhardy. Most of these are containers that *contain* a myriad of audio/video codecs encoded in a myriad of ways, e.g dual audio, dual subs, 2/5/6.1 ch aac audio, AC3 audio, h.264/x.264/AVC/XviD/DivX e.t.c, it goes on and on.

    Save yourself the torment, dump whatever you download into Handbrake, give it a few minutes and when done the resultant MP4 file is GUARANTEED to play on anything and everything that plays mp4 vs guessing back and forth.

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