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    I got an email from HP regarding my order, 440xxx, I was quickly deflated as I realized it was because my credit card I placed my SMB order on expired at the end of August. I called customer service and was on hold for 3 hrs before I had to resume my life and hang up. I tried every customer service # I could get a hold of and they all transferred me to the same place. The email said I had five days to update or the order was cancelled. My wife was highly annoyed with my waiting, she doesn't think HP has customer service and I am beginning to think so. I called first thing this morning and was only on hold for 10 mins and go through. CS rep said I should get an email today showing it went through and updated. I too, like most of you, have not received the 48 hrs email. My bday is in early November so I am just hoping my TP arrives before then!
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    I thought about waiting for HP to offer it again in October, but then I thought there must already be many on back order. So I bit the bullet and bought one on Ebay for $289.
    I know I might regret it, but still I'm excited. I'll post the outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stewperr View Post
    just wondering has anyone been credited back the shipping charges yet? HP keeps promising to do so but its been 2 weeks

    Mine has fallen off... My total now is like $103.
    Ordered 16GB TouchPad on 8/21/11@0135, HPO#30552xxx, WO#4400xxx
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    Just got an email saying my tp will ship in 6-8 weeks for sure! Finally something from HP

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    Might be old news but just received an email now (9/7) from HP that basically says:

    "Your HP TouchPad will be delivered in 6-8 weeks"

    It gives me the option to cancel.
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    finally just got my email confirmation
    from Hewlett-Packard []
    Subject: Your HP TouchPad will be delivered in 6-8 weeks

    HP Small and Medium Business Customer,

    Thank you for your interest in webOS and the HP TouchPad – the response to our price reduction has been overwhelming – both in terms of volume and in the energy and enthusiasm it has generated in our customers.

    It has taken us longer than anticipated to work through the high volume of orders that were received. We apologize for any uncertainty this caused, but we are now in a position to understand our ability to fulfill your order.

    Your order will be fulfilled at the discounted price. However, we do not have enough stock to satisfy your order at this time. It will take 6-8 weeks to build enough HP TouchPads to meet our current commitments, during which time your order will then ship from this stock with free ground shipping. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking number once your order has shipped. We apologize that these timelines are longer than indicated on the website at time of purchase.

    At the significantly reduced price, the HP TouchPad does not qualify for our standard 30 day return policy and is not returnable.

    If this delay is not acceptable, please send an email to with your instructions for cancellation within a week. Be sure to include your HP order number and the name and ship-to address on the order. Also please indicate clearly if this is the only order requiring cancellation or if you wish all orders in your name to be canceled. You will receive an automated cancel notification when your order cancellation request has been processed. Please be aware, however, that cancellations cannot be reversed, and our US SMB store has sold out of HP TouchPad and will not make any further available for sale.

    We are pleased that we will be able to fulfill your order and look forward to you joining the exciting community of webOS!

    Your HP Small and Medium Business Team
    FAQ - HP TouchPad
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    Dang, musick beat me by 1 minute!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thirsy1258 View Post
    Just got an email saying my tp will ship in 6-8 weeks for sure! Finally something from HP

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    Same Here - at least I finally got an update
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    I just received an email from HP telling me that my Touchpad will be delivered in 6-8 weeks! I received the email Friday saying that my 1st order would be shipped when they received the shipment w/in 2 weeks. That one had my order number on it and this one doesn't have any order numbers. I'm assuming this email was for my 2nd order. Uuuugggghhh!
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    I just got an email stating that my order will be fulfilled in 6-8 weeks with free shipping. At least now I know that I will hopefully get my Touchpad.
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    I also just received the 6-8 week email. By mid-November, I probably will have forgotten what a Touchpad is, and the iPad3 will be out for Christmas...
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    Edit: Oops, too late. Someone already posted the email.
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    Just got the same message. Already got one from Craigslist so I guess they will be getting my.cancellation email shortly.
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    Mine (edit: my (48-hour")) arrived a few minutes ago. Finally.

    So let me get this right - The HP twitter twit tweets that she was out for an extended holiday vaca. And today, after silence all day yesterday, it appears that emails are being sent out again.

    Did HP have an extra day off for labor day weekend? Do they deserve an extra day off?

    Well, at least I got confirmation that I'll be getting one and it should be here before Nov. I hope they've got enough sense to send these directly from the factory much like Apple has done when launching new products.

    Please don't send my TP to IN - the fewer HP mitts handling it the better!
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    Ordered 16GB TouchPad on 8/21/11@1135, HPO#30563xxx, WO#4408xxx
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    yep, got my email too. So, best case scenario is around Halloween, and worst case should be mid November.
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    Finally got my email.

    9pm on the 21st order date

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    Got my email too. 6-8 weeks? Huh.

    Well, maybe I can stop hitting F5 on this thread! Eh. Probably not.
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    Hey guys! Did anyone else get an email from HP saying their order will ship in 6-8 weeks???!!?1!1

    Just kidding of course.

    Nice to finally hear something, though I'm a bit bummed since this was supposed to be a bday gift for the girlfriend. Her birthday was on the 09/03
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    yup, i just got my 6-8 week email as well.

    order # 4396XXX
    ordered 8/21 at 4am.
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    Just got the same thing. It's the first communication I've seen from HP since the "order captured" email. Can't decide if I'm delighted or outraged! Tell me PreCentral - how do I feel about this?

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