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    uh, my "Planned Delivery Date" changed to "date will follow" anyone else?
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    I have pending charges on my card again. But nothing else has changed on my order status.
  3. #1183 order disappeared...and I have a pending charge too...
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    My Pre2 is in Indianapolis, on its way here!!!!! Fedex shows estimated delivery date of tomorrow, though it only just shipped tonight.. Are they upgrading all orders to next day shipping or something?

    I paid for standard shipping, but that charge was removed when the order was confirmed (along with the price of 449.99 being changed to 49.99!).. I don't know. Anyway, I guess whether it arrives tomorrow or in a week, I'll still just be thrilled that it's actually on its way here!!

    Now, if only the touchpad would ship too..
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewksparks View Post
    uh, my "Planned Delivery Date" changed to "date will follow" anyone else?
    But of course I do. My literally changes each and every day.
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    date will follow is because so many people are calling in because of the dates expiring. If you are getting date will follow that is good. Also your credit card will drop pending and HP will put a pending charge back on, sometimes with a lag in time. Web Order Number 4401xxx HP Order 3055xxxx. Ordered around 2am est on the 22nd.
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    It's coming from the huge distribution center in Indy...
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    I'm pretty sure the have automated the planned delievery date. If you look it changes at the same time every night to "date will follow" and the next morning the planned delivery date will be the current date. No one is updating these orders, it's automated!! Don't get excited when you see this, the only thing that matters is when it is shipped.
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    You guys got me to check... mine says "Date will follow" as well.
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    Man, I almost forgot I had ordered this Any clue to what this means from order status :

    Order #: XXXXXXXX
    Order Date/Time: 08/23/2011 09:15:56 AM
    Customer # XXXXXXXX
    Estimated Ship Date: 08/23/2011
    Customer PO #: XXXXX Estimated Delivery Date: 08/23/2011
    Associated Order #: XXXXXXX Credit Approval Date: 08/25/2011

    Configuration: No Ship Via: ECON VALUE FRT
    Express Config: No Carrier Info:
    Ship Complete : No

    I paid for express 2 day shipping - I should wonder about getting that back from them at some point

    Hehe, I still remember calling HP SMB and the phone message saying, "due to a fire drill, there is nobody available. please try your call again later."
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    I Credit Card was also recharged again today after being removed a few days ago. Got my hopes up for a minute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Has anyone actually gotten their TouchPads?
    It doesn't sound like anyone who ordered after Saturday morning (8/20) has gotten one. People who ordered on Friday (8/19) and a couple who ordered on Saturday morning got theirs last week, but it doesn't sound like any orders have shipped since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by memyselfandi View Post
    I'd like to get mine tomorrow along with everyone else but I don't believe in ferry's
    I don't think they're shipping our TouchPads via ferry.
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    Well I took a chance and ordered the case for the TP using the expiring code HP sent a few days ago. Now, I have no idea what I'll do with a case if I never get the TP. Hopefully I wasn't too optimistic.
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    Packing away my TouchStone that I had foolishly unboxed due to exuberance about getting the TP. No changes to my status this morning. You would expect that after a week, and coming up on two, that HP would at the very least be able to tell us something in regards to order numbers and availability.

    I guess I'll keep checking back here to see if people start actually receiving shipping confirmations and/or receive their TPs.

    Good Luck everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorn View Post
    Doing this for me results in:
    Order number is not found in the Vista. Please contact an Account Rep or Manager for more information

    EDIT: Solved this. If you want to get back to that original order status screen, when it says the Vista error, copy your new order number and insert it into that URL, and it will load up
    My URL was like the following when it could not load order from vista

    I then changed it to

    but still it shows the same error. Am I doing it right ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rghilliard View Post
    My concern is how they will allocate those additional units that are being produced as well as those that were already in the supply chain (slow boat from China). Since they have stated that Home and SMB are separate operations with separate inventories, internal politics or other factors at HP may determine how many, if any, of this future inventory is allocated to SMB to fill our orders and how many are sent to Home for round 2. Logic says we would get first dibs, but what about this has been logical?

    I'm not really surprised that they decided to continue limited production since there were likely large quantities of parts on hand and not likely much of a market for just the parts. I'm sure there were also contracts with suppliers that they couldn't simply get out of on a whim. It would be very interesting to see how this plays out if I wasn't so emotionally attached to the situation.
    if you ordered before 8/22 4am central time you order is being processed, otherwise will be canceled. This is according to the recording on the phone. It sounds like to me that they will have enough to allocate for their orders. Possibilly for both divisions. That they drew a line where they knew they would have enough. Of course I could be wrong ...
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    Has anyone actually gotten their TouchPads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Has anyone actually gotten their TouchPads?
    Nope... but my shipping estimated date changed to Sept 3rd, instead of September 2nd.. The shipping date only changed twice for me... (3 times if you count "date will come" message) I know others have their dates changed every day but maybe mine is more realistic because it's a date in the future? Who knows.. All I know is that I've been told over and over again that the estimated dates are meaningless.

    It's amazing how big this thread got... it's also a bit concerning because that means so many people are being left in the dark with general statements! /rant
    *Awaiting my 32 gig TouchPad. Order 4415XXX. Estimated ship date, Sept 3rd. Estimated Delivery date Sept 7th*
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Has anyone actually gotten their TouchPads?
    It looks like just people that ordered Friday the 19th or maybe early Saturday the 20th. HP told several people they had 25K units coming in-However that now looks like it was just a BS story to buy time. I think they oversold and don't have a clue if and when they are getting any more to fill the orders that were processed.

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