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    Just noticed my shipping date has been updated to Sept 6 with a delivery on Sept 7.
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    This is all very interesting to me. I'm one of the late-to-the-party folks who only ordered the Touchpad after it went on sale. I was actually intrigued with them when the first came out, but after getting a demonstration from an HP employee at the local Best Buy, I was shocked that it had no video out and no app for taking notes (when first released).

    And yet, like a lot of folks, when they went down to $99, I jumped at the chance to order one. I place my order at the HP SMB site late Saturday night/early Sunday morning although it shows up on my status as having been placed 8/21/11.

    The HP website was so flaky that I accidentally ordered two of them. One order number begins with 43 and the other with 44. I realize these are in short supply and never meant to order one more than I needed, but I wasn't sure the first order had gone through. And when I went back a couple of hours later to try to check, the HP site said all 16 GB models were sold out, so I ordered a 32, still not knowing whether it had gone through. Then on Sunday, I got two email confirmation--one for each order. But like everyone else, no shipping confirmation yet.

    While I didn't order two on purpose, I think I'll sell the 32 on eBay and that should cover my cost for both of them if current demand holds.

    What really strikes me is that even if the Touchpad had been a runaway hit like the iPad was on its release in 2010, I don't think HP would have been ready for large numbers regardless. All week long, folks who didn't get orders in on time have been waiting to hear when HP would get restocked on warehouse inventory that they supposedly have.

    My guess is that HP is not going to announce the sale of any remaining inventory until all orders from last weekend are filled and shipping. I'm sure that only after that will they sell their remaining stock, but it's a shame that orders placed last weekend that HP confirmed the next day have still not shipped.

    I have no doubt HP is doing everything they can, but they just weren't prepared to have a hit (at any price) on their hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennkaotic View Post
    Like everyone else who ordered their HP Touchpad on the HP Small and Medium Business site I have been trying to figure out: 1 Will I get my Touchpad and 2. When will it ship.

    One minute I am completely convinced I will get it and the next totally sure I won’t. It doesn’t help that orders seem to be shipping out completely randomly. After a lot of thought and some complex math I think I have hit upon the system HP is using to ship the orders and I know why it’s taking so long.

    First…. They had to get some radioactive Cesium, some poison and a lot of cats…. They put every order in an individual box with a cat and some poison. If the Cesium decays the poison will be released and kill the cat (and your order is cancelled). If the cat escapes your order gets shipped. I think if your order is in Back Order status they are just having a hard time getting your cat in the dang box.

    In the meantime we are all simultaneously both getting our Touchpad orders fulfilled and cancelled. I hope everyone is both happy and sad to hear that.
    Oh man, thanks for the laugh. That was great!
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    My order is still b/o, but it hasn't been cancelled yet either and it's been a full week already. So I'm assuming that the order is still valid... I have until the end of the night or Monday the latest to see what happens...
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    I haven't gotten any shipping email or tracking number. Only confirmation. It says I'm allocated but not b/o. I am on edge to see what's going on.
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    Same here, confirmation email, allocated etc. But havent heard ANYTHING since the 23rd
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    Anyone else not able to see the order status page that gives us line detail?
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    I just took a peek and nothing has changed on my order for two except the "Last Updated" date changed from the 22nd today. One status page shows a ship and delivery date of 8/26 while the other shows a ship date on 8/27 and a delivery date of the 30th. So, HP's systems are still goobered up.

    On the positive side, my 16GB TouchPad from B&H showed up a few minutes ago and I have to say it's a very nice piece of kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorback View Post
    Called that number. Got an answer right away.

    CS: How can I help you?

    Me: I'd like to check on an order status.

    CS: Is this for a TouchPad order?

    Me: Yes.

    CS: Did you get an order confirmation email?

    Me: Yes I did.

    CS: Did you get a shipping confirmation?

    Me: No.

    CS: Then there's nothing else I can tell you until you get the shipping confirmation.

    Never asked me for my order number or anything. Sounds like they're getting worn out and cranky. I feel for them, but that's still no way to talk to a customer.
    Can someone post a link to the 800 number? I saw it before but haven't been able to re-locate it.
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    The number I called was 1-888-728-9985.

    I got through almost immediately.
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    Here how my story is going...

    I ordered a Touchpad 16gb model on the 21st of August at about 3am CST(according to HP) which is about 9 pm on August 20th my time (Hawaii time)

    I received an email on the 22nd (Be assured that your order has been captured. blah blah blah). And received the order confirmation email on the 23rd and since that email nothing...According to the HP Order Status Detail btw it says the Order Date was on 8/23/2011 at 7:30:52 PM. But the page before when you view the orders it says Order Date: 8/21/2011 and I KNOW I ordered it on Saturday(unless HP is so far ahead in the timezone it was actually that time).

    After looking at the Line Item Detail it says the Qty is B/O(Backordered)....with an Estimated Shipping Date (8/26/2011) and a Estimated Delivery Date of (8/28/2011)...I should have never sent back my old Touchpad for a return/exchange(I sent it back for dead pixels and wanted an exchange...then asked for a return after HP's announcement which was before they announced they would pay the difference from the 399 I paid)...

    My order number starts with 442
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    They can take away a webOS device from being released on Sprint...but I will never lose my love for webOS!!!...GO TOUCHPAD!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorback View Post
    The number I called was 1-888-728-9985.

    I got through almost immediately.
    that number worked beautifully! got through in 30 seconds. HP confirmed my order but said they just weren't sure when it was going to ship out. I'm cool with waiting as long as I know its coming.
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    Saw a product notice release today at work (HP). It stated in our sales tool that any orders that on pending status will be cancelled.

    I don't work in sale but do used the sales tool and just happened to see this today.

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    What do you mean by "pending?" Are you referring to anything that hasn't shipped, or anything that hasn't been sent to the warehouse, or orders that they haven't sent confirmations out on?
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    Does anyone have a verification (credit/debit card) problem? I called and they said they needed to verify the card I used and they haven't called me.. so my order is still pending on that. I'm kind of getting worried. Although I did order Sunday afternoon.
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    I'll add to the intrigue here:

    Ordered a 16 GB TP online on Friday night at around midnight (tried to order through the consumer store, but could not get the discounted price to appear and could not complete an order).

    For that order, my order id starts with 437. Using the order status link in the confirmation e-mail, it shows an order time of 8/24 at 6:12 am. Qty is backorder with estimated ship date of 8/25 and delivery on 9/1. Using the order status on the website, it shows status as "admin" with a planned ship date of 8/29 and delivery on 9/2.

    On Monday, I ordered a Pre2 by phone. My order id starts with 443. Using the order status link in the confirmation e-mail, it shows an order time of 8/25 at 5:54 pm. Qty allocated is 1 with an estimated ship date of 9/21 and delivery on 9/26. Using the order status link on the website, it shows status as "admin" with a planned ship date of 9/3 and delivery on 9/6.

    Anyone care to explain?
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    I ordered on Friday night and I received my TP 32GB today. They shipped out a bunch yesterday, the 25th of August.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angrydog View Post
    I ordered on Friday night and I received my TP 32GB today. They shipped out a bunch yesterday, the 25th of August.
    yup ordered friday with promo code paper was recieved yesterday and it says it will be delivered tomorrow for my 32gb touchpad!
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorback View Post
    The number I called was 1-888-728-9985.

    I got through almost immediately.
    Got through immediately after the recorded message, that number is a god send. Anyways I've confirmed my order and I still have 1 more in credit review, which is weird because I had 2 more that got through. I had trouble ordering that day and had 2 or 3 orders that went through withing a few minutes, the first one got in but the subsequent orders are being cancelled by the system automatically.
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    I'm on hold. Hold time is 1 hour +.

    I asked for someone higher up.

    Yes I called the "quick" number. He transferred me.


    Calling 1-888-728-9985 does NO GOOD.

    After being on hold for over an hour the phone was picked up and then I was told they were closed and they hung up. I called that number back and talked to the guy that answered and explained my situation and he said there was nothing he could do. I would have to wait until Monday to call back.

    He explained that number is only Sales. They have no authority, no power. They just answer the phone. If you want something done, you have to go through the wait time.

    I wish I'd known. I would not have been calling that number all week.
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