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    When I check order status Its say that I never ordered anything??? How do I log in properly. I have to currenlty add to cart, delete then try and check status. ***.... Now amazon has them in stock for fire sale price.

    Now I have to wait to probably find out IM SOL!
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    I had a hard time finding order status. I finally found this link: Search for Order Status -- HP's Small & Medium Business Online Store

    It shows that I ordered it, but I don't know if I trust it. I went ahead and bought one on Amazon too. (onSale has them FB454UT Smartbuy TouchPad QUALCOMM Snapdragon APQ8060 1.2 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless 9.7" IPS TFT 1GB RAM 16GB: Electronics)

    We'll see if I end up with one or two.
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    i ordered last night around 9 and my account was already charged, however i have no confirmation email.

    btw, i got it from smb site. They better send it to me cause i missed out on the best buy deals this morning cause i figured i already had one.
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    I ordered yesterday, got the confirmation right away, and my card has been charged. However, I checked my order status today and it says that 1 item ordered and 1 item backordered...the Touchpad is the only thing on my order. Still, it says that it will ship tomorrow and arrive on 8/27.

    I suppose a phone call to customer service is in order.
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    Got two 32GBs yesterday (saturday). Confirmed and all, but the price was $500 each. Do you think they'll honor the clearance price ultimately?
    anyone speak to them about this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by methods View Post
    Got my order in yesterday sometime in the early evening, got my email confirmation this morning.
    Check your order status on SMB site, it probably says that it is still be processed.
    I did mine last night too and still no email. Im calling in the am since their office was closed on the weekend.
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    Both of mine have been approved and sent to order management.
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    Just checked again and HP did charge my card. Looking pretty good. I'd gone ahead and ordered yet another one from OnSale via Amazon for my friend just to be safe. Might have some spare 16GB TouchPads for sale in the near future!
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    Here's the HP page showing stock and free shipping if anyone ends up needing it.
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    Ordered 8/20 3:55PM after about an hour of page refreshing.
    Received confirmation 8/21 1:28AM with delivery date of 8/25.
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    The page now has 'SOLD OUT' in place of available.
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    Just was able to order one through the website. Like someone said before, I had leftovers sitting in my cart since I've been trying to order since Friday. I have an estimated ship date of 8/24/2011, so I suspect that's when they are expecting the returns from some of the retail outlets. Keeping my fingers crossed, and if it doesn't go through, We'll see... I'm happy with the one i have now, but it would be nice to have a backup.

    My friend ended up getting an Acer Iconia which I was playing with earlier today... Just reminded me how much nicer webOS is compared to Android.
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    I just ordered four total, 1 32GB and 3 16GB for me, mom, sister and cousin. Also ordered 1 TS dock and 3 cases/covers. Got confirmation on the webpage and can go back to check order status but nothing on email yet.

    I just finished the order about 15 mins ago so I'll check later. It took me hours to order! I've been trying since yesterday! Too bad free shipping does not apply to PRPRPR, $had$ $to$ $pay$ $$95$ $shipping$ $fee$
    Long Time Palm and Sprint User!

    IIIxe, Tungsten T3, Samsung SPH-i500, Treo 700p, 755p, Centro, Palm Pre, Palm Pre+, 2.2.4 Franken Pre2 and a Touchpad!
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    Ah ha! Just accessed another HP web site and was able to pull up and view my order. Looking good! Now I just need them to fix the darn shipping.
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    Still no eMail here, but my order status now says "Your order is approved and being sent to order management."
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenTrackRacer View Post
    Ah ha! Just accessed another HP web site and was able to pull up and view my order. Looking good! Now I just need them to fix the darn shipping.
    Did you get charged like 5 bucks or something? I did... I guess it handling fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgonsoulin View Post
    I had a hard time finding order status. I finally found this link: Search for Order Status -- HP's Small & Medium Business Online Store
    Thank you for that link! I placed an order this afternoon, and several HUNDRED refreshes later got to the point of entering my card info and submitting the order. However, the system kept erroring out trying to display the confirmation screen with my order number, and all the refreshes in the world wouldn't get me that last screen. They did charge my credit card $171.60 (32GB model plus tax and FedEx expedited overnight shipping to hopefully move my order to the top of the queue), but I have yet to receive the e-mail confirmation. Thanks to the above link, I can see my order number and that it was accepted and is in the status of being processed. Now, let's just hope that they have the unit to ship me, and don't have to hire two more shifts of warehouse workers to move them all out the door to their new adoptive homes!

    I have the feeling that 3/4 of the HP SMB web site's inventory of Touchpads are stuck in thousands of web browser shopping carts and have been encumbered from inventory. If so, I suspect that there will be plenty more becoming available in the next few days as they get a handle on their real inventory levels.....
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    I would believe tat HP is getting its last shipment of TPs from China and some from the retailers who don't want to sell it anymore. I got my email confirmation this afternoon and when I get my shipping confirmation, I'll start looking to get a case/screen protector and/or Touchstone dock(looks so tempting but I have to figure out where to put it first.
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    I ordered from SMB at 7pm-ish on 20 Aug and received my email at 5am the next morning. Then, halfway through today, I had an order status page with an orange bar. Now, it's a blue-columned page that says the planned ship date is 27 Aug with delivery on 30 Aug, and the order status is "Admin," whatever that means. I WAS charged for shipping (maybe $21?) and I'm going to call HP tomorrow to try to get that refunded. Though it's not matter if I can't because a touchpad for $127 is a great deal. I'll also ask what all those terms mean in the status page....
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    I ordered one at 32gb at about 130a PT and one 32 GB at about 9a PT. Interestingly both were approved and sent to order management within 1 hour of each other about 530p PT. I asked for overnight shipping on both.

    Seems like the turn around for processing the first order was 17hrs and the second was only about 8. Has anyone gone from "Approved" to getting a shipping confirmation yet? What was your turn around "Approved" to shipped (or whatever the next step is?)

    I am really looking forward to getting this home!! I thought it would be a year or more before I could afford a tablet and now I have one for me and my mom! I look forward to seeng everyone on the forum in the coming days!!

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