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    Quote Originally Posted by hdjulie View Post
    I am so bummed! Orders all around me, even those with multiple, shipping or going to allocated & I'm still at Back Ordered. Maybe I'd better try calling tomorrow to see what the deal is.
    I feel your frustration. I have 4421xxx and 3057xxx and have not received an email since the 6-8 week email. All I want is one 32gb TP. I have a stack of accessories collecting dust. I have yet to make a call, but I am getting tempted (I just don't think calling would have any positive effect).
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    Ok, I feel a little better now since your numbers are about the same as mine :-). Hopefully, ours will change to Allocated the same day.
    TouchPad order received October 25th!
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    I expecting that at some point HP will announce that all outstanding orders have been fulfilled, and some of us will still be here waiting to get ours.
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    I've been reading for awhile. I thought I'd give you all some hope. My order, 50383xxx, just shipped today.
    I checked in the morning, and the order status was still b/o, but then I got an order confirmation email in the afternoon. I checked my status again and it had changed to allocated. There was no shipping info, but I just checked, and it now shows it as shipped. However, the info on the other status page, where you input your order numbers, has not updated.

    For those waiting emails, I never got the end of October email, or got the two week email. I never called hp either. Do the ship email is the only info I've gotten besides the 6-8 wk email and order confirmation.

    Hope you all get yours soon!

    Edit: I ordered two 32gbs on Sunday afternoon, confirmation on the 23
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    hello peoples finally got one of my tp today and aim posting from it right now still waiting on one more but just wanted to tell you guys still waiting to keep hope alive its been a long road for many of us so just hang in there and I will see ya'll in other parts of this community
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    Quote Originally Posted by bxborn31 View Post
    when did it ship?

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
    IIRC, on the 7th.
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    Long-time lurker... I am happily typing (on Bluetooth keyboard) from my new TP!!!

    #30558xxxx and #44050xx for 1 32GB
    Ordered 8/21, 2am
    Confirmation email 8/23
    6-8 wk email 9/7
    shipping delay email 10/4
    2 wk email 10/7
    shipped email 10/8
    delivered 10/14 (FedEx ground from IN)

    It's been a long, sad tale. Read on for my woeful story:
    I waited for a "good price" to buy the TP in July but just couldn't pull the trigger. Then I happened to be out of town for the $100 Staples coupon weekend (thanks to this forum for the heads up) and totally hooked myself up with a new 32GB TP from the local store without any issue because it was Vacaville. Holy cow. I figured on using it for the 2-week period and then decide on whether to return it. Well, as everyone knows, all hell broke loose on Day 12 of the return period. I liked it as a new toy but had already decided to return it. On Day 13, I packed it back into as-new condition and received a full refund at 4pm. I went to sleep with no idea of the fire sale, which had started at 7pm. YIKES. Being a PC forum geek, I checked in the morning and ... madness. I couldn't order through BB, HP, Staples, Office Depot, or OfficeMax but managed to buy a full-price TP from Radio Shack and Fry's online. I figured on getting a price adjustment later and felt myself fortunate in finding one at all. Ha! Of course, the orders were cancelled later that afternoon. I drove like a crazy person to BB because there were rumors of possible stock. At the 1st store, the TPs were being returned and could not be sold. Same story at the next BB. I went to dinner and then stopped by the 1st BB again - they had started selling them, and I missed it by 1 hour! Son of a...!! Drove to another BB, and watched an employee buy the last one. So close... So I stayed up til 2am, wore out the F5 key and ordered through SMB. No e-mail confirmation, so I spend all Sunday trying to find another TP. I managed to order a 16GB from Barnes&Noble - you know the drill - yep, cancelled on Monday. I stalked the BB for the next week and managed to buy accessories when the price dropped (thanks again to forum members). After agonizing over this entire ordeal, it feels great to receive the TP for my birthday!!!

    Hang in there - it will come! Now, I need another reason to keep obsessively reading this thread. Thanks to all who provided much needed support during our group ordeal.
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    Web Order # 4417xxx
    HP Order # 30619xxx
    Ordered on 21st Aug, 11 AM EST
    1 x 32 GB
    Order date in system 25th Aug

    Just received the order confirmation email.
    Quantity in Orange order status page, changed to allocated.

    Waiting for the shipping notice.

    P.S : BTW this one's for my friend. Would be a nice gift for him, at a time when he is expecting a new member to his family
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    My orange page says allocated too but i had a 16gb. order number 4408xxx hp order number 30564xxx hopefully this is a good sign anybody else with a 16gb have allocated on their orange page
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    Why post from earlier deleted....well I got my conf from Hp should be receiving my pad in a few days!!!

    Sent from my EPIC
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    [QUOTE= Originally Posted by felices
    Well, I got my two(2) 32 gb's this week. Finally! I have to say, I really, really hope that Android for the touchpad is not a pipe dream. I also hope that Android runs better on it than the WebOs does. I also have an iPad and I am not used to seeing an icon waiting for the app to start. I mean, 5 seconds for the Calendar to load, really? Really dissapointing. If Anodroid does not come soon, everything will be for sale. And btw, yes I did the patches to "speed things up".[/QUOTE]

    You have an iPad, why did you bother buying 2 Touchpads in the first place, did you really think you needed 3 tablet PC's? The Android port is a work in progress already, they have CM 7 working on it so far. And as the other poster noted, people like you are the reason the rest of us have been sitting here waiting for our Touchpads forever, purchasing something you didn't actually want on a product that is so limited. Its not an iPad, it was $150 not $599, and if your only complaint is waiting for something to launch, then you should have stuck with you precious iPad.

    Update on my order, has finally moved from B/O to Allocated, everything else remains the same and still no e-mail.
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    WoW.. 'Puck 23' what an ordeal you pushed through there! Well done!
    Glad your are all TP'd up again now anyway!
    Don't wish to go 'off topic'.. but reading this, I just feel blessed to have followed the HPTP 'story' loosely in the mainstream news here, until I read that the firesale (here) began in 1.5 hrs time! Quick sandwich.. and off to a (fairly) local store.. one other person in the queue.. 10 mins later I was all set up with 32Gb + BTKB. Phew!

    Hang on in everyone.. it IS 'worth it'!

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    Wow, I knew this was incredibly difficult for HP to manage this mess, but I guess it may be even worse....

    I rec'd an email yesterday that mine had shipped. FedEx tracking shows it's in Campaign, IL, shipped from Indy. An Email this A.M. Says my order should be shipped within the next two weeks.

    good luck to all
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    Quote Originally Posted by corpup View Post
    My orange page says allocated too but i had a 16gb. order number 4408xxx hp order number 30564xxx hopefully this is a good sign anybody else with a 16gb have allocated on their orange page
    As of this morning, mine has also gone from B/O to Allocated.

    I also just received another "within two weeks" email. This second one is nearly identical to the first, with an added line indicating that my order will be left w/o requiring a sig.
    Ordered 16GB TouchPad on 8/21/11@1135, HPO#30563xxx, WO#4408xxx
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    Just received my first 2 week email, left without signature, so need to watch for it. No change on either the blue or orange page, still showing backordered. Ordered touchstone yesterday from CostCentral, as I missed the walmart sale by minites, and this was the cheapest I could find it for.
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    HP Touchpad 32gb rec'd 10/26
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    Quote Originally Posted by amlodipine View Post
    Still no TP and no email like you all have been getting about 2 week shippning - purchased this on 8/21 - got a few early emails on confirmation and credit card was charged after the 1st week or 2...
    Finally got the email today...
    Thank you for your continued interest in webOS and the HP TouchPad. Good news - your order #:30XXXXX6 should ship out within the next 2 weeks with free ground shipping.

    I have no idea what I am going to do once receiving it though - I was considering to sell it unopened with all the accessories, locally... we'll see.
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    I'm so happy for those of you finally getting the emails & so bummed that I continue to be left out even though I'm in the same timeframe & order numbers as y'all. It's got to be getting close, though. I worry that somehow my order will be left out but it's active on the site & keeps getting the date updated on the Blue screen so I know they know it is there.
    TouchPad order received October 25th!
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    My orange order status page has changed from back ordered to allocated, so maybe the chicken is back from it's coffee break!

    But maybe not; right after I discovered the allocation, I got another 2 week email?!? : (
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    Ordered One 16 Gb 08/21
    Delivered 10/20
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    These guys (HP) are pathetic. I received my 2 week email on october 6th. I just received the identical email a few minutes ago, effectively re-setting the clock.

    Liars, plain and simple.

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    Be glad you at least got SOMETHING.
    TouchPad order received October 25th!

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