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    They probably got a list they split up between several people, so I imagine it would be kinda scrambled...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mortymouse View Post
    How did you check orders that were made prior to yours?
    I would assume that if you just subtract 1 from your order number and use the same date you'd view the order right before yours. Then just keep subtracting one...etc.
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    I don't know how they ship out the TouchPads based on the order numbers. But, my two orders (1 x 32GB and 3 x 32GB) are out for delivery via UPS today. They shipped them out on Monday. My order numbers are 4386*** and 4385*** and all orders are made at 5-6pm on last Sat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SPESSMEHREN View Post
    My order number begins with 4385 and I'm still in Admin
    I'm 4386XX I ordered Sat CDT about 4:45

    I'm in Admin

    They need to get with it.
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    To look up orders, go to:

    type in any date (says req. but doesn't seem to matter what date is in the box) and type in a Web Order Number.
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    Mine starts with 4383 and I've got no info on shipping, still stuck in admin. I also picked the value freight but it's costing ~$22.
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    Just got off the Phone with hp and they said the wait time on mine was 2-3 weeks.... Order number is 4417 if that even matters...
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    My order is 4379**** and I'm still sitting in Admin/processing. I placed my order at noon on Saturday. Kinda frustrating that they are shipping out units to people with later orders.
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    Hmm..I wish they knew what was going on. I would really like to call and rip some ****! :P

    I saw an order for 5 x 32gb (commercial) with order number 4385XXX that shipped Monday. The items were ordered Saturday night.

    Has anyone with an Admin status had any luck with Hp on whats going on? Seems Non-Admin status ones went out Monday.
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    Quoting my own post from yesterday...
    Quote Originally Posted by methods View Post
    I just checked my order status on SMB... Planned Shipment Date 8/22, Planned Delivery Date 8/24. Actual Ship Date is blank. Will see if I get it tomorrow and post back.
    So no lil box waiting at my door today, checked order status just now and the dates are updated, now reads...

    Estimated ship date: 8/25
    Estimated Delivery: 8/25

    I wonder if tomorrow it will say 8/26 for both, then 8/27, 8/28, 8/29... until it arrives
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    I have the Admin status on mine and it was a 2-3 week wait so that may be what everyone with that will have to wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    What is the 1st 4 of your order confirmation #?
    first four of mine H1189
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    Mine is 445****. Doubt I will get mine.
    Sprint Phones owned since Fall of 2001: Samsung I300, Samsung I330, Samsung I500, Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Centro, 800w, Palm Pre, Samsung Epic and now the HTC 3D EVO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theinnkeeper View Post
    first four of mine H1189
    That is a Home/Home Office order, not a Small Business order.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Question. Those in Admin Status what is your Request date? Mine says Sept 1st for some reason. I noticed other orders that shipped said Aug 21.
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    Order Number is 439XXXX.
    Order Date/time is 8/22 @ 12:26AM.
    Order Status is Admin/Processing
    Est. Ship Date is 8/26.
    Est. Delivery 8/31.

    Received confirmation eMail on 8/23 @ 3:00AM

    LI detail shows Backorder (BO), and my Warehouse (WHSE) number is "IN".

    I'm impatiently waiting patiently. =) I actually joined Twitter just to follow @BrynaAtHP. LOL
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    21st for me. And yes - I am HPSB. Not Home Office.

    "People who ordered at HP Small and Medium Business Site"

    Just thought I'd point that out to clear up any confusion.
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    Mine says Aug 24. Ordered mine Sunday morning around 10am cst.
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    I have 2 orders 4383XXX ordered on Sat night. Last night the rep said my orders looked perfect and was 98% sure it would ship last night or today. He said he was confused as to why orders weren't shipping out. Today, a rep said he couldn't check order status's and I should be fine and to wait for shipping email. He said they had plenty in stock. It's very frustrating to see an order status change almost daily and hear different answers at every turn. He said that they should have it straightened out by Friday, for whatever that's worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukeangel View Post
    Question. Those in Admin Status what is your Request date? Mine says Sept 1st for some reason. I noticed other orders that shipped said Aug 21.
    Mine also says requested September 1, 2011. I actually ordered Saturday afternoon.

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