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    Quote Originally Posted by jvanhou View Post
    Well... I was hoping HP would honor my ORIGINAL order number, but I've mistakenly placed my faith in HP following through. My original number was 30546xxx, too... within 1k of yours... but the "new" number, 30565xxx, means I'm probably queued up for Halloween.

    Trick or treat? Looks like the former...
    for what its worth, I don't think they are shipping by order number. I've seen a lot ship with lower order and PO numbers than mine. I think it has to do with your TP being 16 or 32 GB, and when your order was processed. I put in my order on 8/20 around 10pm, but HP lists my Order date and time as 8/21 3pm. I think it all depends on when HP processed and confirmed your order internally.
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    I rcvd the end of October e-mail two days ago and today the "ships in 2 weeks" e-mail.
    2 16g WO# 4408XXX HP#30563XXX
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    Quote Originally Posted by los2001 View Post
    I rcvd the end of October e-mail two days ago and today the "ships in 2 weeks" e-mail.
    2 16g WO# 4408XXX HP#30563XXX
    Me too!! Woo Hoo!!

    Still gonna wait til I have it in my hands before I start shopping for accessories = )
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    Just got my 16g touchpad today!!!! I ordered on Aug 21 at 1520. My order # was 030546xxx. Got it sitting next to me charging right now. I haven't posted much on this forum but I've been here everyday with you guys. So good luck to those who are still waiting.
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    Ordered 1 16gb and 2 32gb on Aug 21, got the 16gb today. Still waiting on the 32gb's
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    WOOT, WOOT!! Shipping email for my 32gb unit just arrived. Not sure when it'll get here (probably Monday). Order entered HP System 8/21, 8:00pm (I ordered it 8/21 12:30AM), 44186XX/30548XXX.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beasty43 View Post
    Holy !@#$, just received shipping confirmation for my 32GB TouchPad.

    PO Number: 4391xxx
    Order Number: 30546xxx
    I said the same thing when I received my shipped email, almost fell out my chair.
    HP Touchpad 16GB, webOS 3.0.4, UberKernel 3.0.4-68 @ 1.5Ghz
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    Got two Touchpads delivered yesterday and five today! And no.... I am not selling these on Ebay for a profit. These are all Christmas gifts!! :-)

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
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    I just got my email!!!! They shipping today, and it will be delivered on my bday. Order 4390xxx 3054xxxx.
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    Wooot !!! Wooot!!! Order #439xxxx placed on 8/21

    Received my keyboards and my 16GB touchpad yesterday. My 32GB is in transit and will be in my hands tomorrow. Yahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    I'm just glad I don't have to come back to this thread for my dose of Depression any longer. LOL!!!

    Did anyone get with their shipment the Customer Service Survey to ask about your experience with HP. I just chuckled and can't even bear the thought of filling it out for fear of what I may say. LOL!

    I just bought an HTC Flyer I'm going to use for work today. Thought I was going to get it from Best Buy at a firesale price of $99. Turned out to be a web mistake. Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days. Still bought it for $299. Perfect fit for my work needs.

    Good Luck to those still waiting.
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    Got the shipping within 2 weeks email...I definitely was pushed down the list because of them changing my order number. PO#4384XXX, HP Order #3059XXXX.
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    I ordered am on 21st. Confirmed on the 25th!!!!!!! HP # 3061xxxx........So close but so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by atgep View Post
    I ordered am on 21st. Confirmed on the 25th!!!!!!! HP # 3061xxxx........So close but so far!
    I feel ya! I'm honestly happy for all who have received the 2 wk shipment notice - but, I find myself wanting to do a commercial "what would you do for a touchpad" rather than a Klondyke Bar.
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    Well, i received the "within two weeks" email last friday, then saturday i got the shipping email... then yesterday i got the two 16gb. I called hp few times and they kept on saying it would be shipped this month. The today i got the shipping confirmation for my 32, which will probaly arrive monday or tuesday.
    I just think everything is coming to an end.....
    Order # 439xxxx placed on saturday, 08/20 around 8pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atgep View Post
    I ordered am on 21st. Confirmed on the 25th!!!!!!! HP # 3061xxxx........So close but so far!
    We are in this together! I also ordered on the 21st and I got confirmed on the 24th, which I was unhappy about and then I see that you got the 25th. We will probably be here to turn off the lights.
    Ordered One 16 Gb 08/21
    Delivered 10/20
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    Quote Originally Posted by jennkaotic View Post
    We have touchdown of the Touchpad at my house... !

    Yippeee!!! I am unboxing it right now humming the song "I feel pretty" under my breath... Getting new tech is a Geek Female's idea of prom. I am giddy.

    Gotta go... I have a hot date with some updates and patches. Bowchicka bow wow!!!
    I think I love you.
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    Just got my 2 week shipment confirmation.

    Ordered mine (16GB) on on the 21st but got my confirmation on the 23rd.
    HP Purchase Order# 4414xxx
    HP Order# 30569xxx

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    Still no email....
    Down with the BourgeoisOS oppressors, webOS users unite!
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    Seems to be ALOT of 16's heading out... *sigh*
    The Touchpad has landed. Ordered 8-21 Delivered 10-10. 32gb at 1.5ghz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassmanspiff View Post
    Seems to be ALOT of 16's heading out... *sigh*
    Got my 2 week shipping notice as well.

    Order# 30585xxx
    Web # 4428xxx

    2x 16GB TouchPads ordered Sunday 21st afternoon 3pm or so, Pacific time.

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