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    MrPicC: Did you receive an email stating your touchpad was being shipped?
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    Yes I did! About 10 minutes ago.. I almost fell off my couch :P
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    Were you a 6-8 week email, or a 2 week email?
    TouchPad order received October 25th!
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    I received the 6-8 week email on Sep 7th..
    Also I just checked my CC and I haven't been charged yet..
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    Boy, this might REALLY be your lucky day ;-)
    TouchPad order received October 25th!
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    Quote Originally Posted by razorback View Post
    Does anyone know what Bryna looks like? I might be able to cope with #staycoolmybabies if she's cute.
    She just had a birthday. She's 22.
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    Finally got a shipping confirmation from HP SMB.

    PO# 4379XXX
    HP Order#030536XXX

    Carrier: RPS ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMB View Post
    Finally got a shipping confirmation from HP SMB.


    Carrier: RPS ??
    RPS is Roadway Package Systems... now called FedEx Ground.

    Congrats! Another one down, 100,000+ to go...
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    I too just got my shipment notifications for my 16gig
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvanhou View Post
    Whoa, hold on a sec - if you're referring to my post above, presenting an opposing view to a remark about "entitlement", I believe you didn't understand the nature of my comment... I was referring to the transaction being completed by receiving an "order confirmation" email, with the HP Order Status page showing "credit accepted", and a shipping date of 8/23. With any other business, that means your order is complete and will ship on 8/23; if there were any problems with the order, some form of communication would be sent out to inform you of the delay. HP screwed up by not communicating their issues until more than a week after the shipping date passed. This is unacceptable, especially for a company the size of HP, and made more egregious in light of their newly-announced strategy - enterprise services!! To add to this steaming pile, factor in yesterday's employee-only firesale... If you can't complete the orders you have currently, where do you find the stock (and the balls) to hold an internal sale?!?
    Also... please don't insinuate that having a hold on funds on a credit card makes for a hardship - how people handle their finances shouldn't be a topic of discussion here. I was stating that with the pre-auth's... HP needs to "sh__ or get off the pot", as they say. Pre-auth my card when you're ready to ship, not every week until then.

    We're complaining that HP can find enough TP's to hold an internal sale, whereas their customers are still waiting. Picture it this way - if you went to an extremely busy restaurant for dinner, placed your order, and after waiting for 30 minutes, you see the kitchen staff in the banquet hall enjoying their meal! Upon asking the server, you're told "Oh, your meal will be about another 30-40 minutes; your meal is still being prepared." How would you feel? Apologetic to the staff who are already eating, or ticked-off that you - the paying customer - are made to wait?

    Given that OnSale is opening up some cancelled orders, I'd say that OnSale is at least trying to make good on some of their broken promises. HP, on the other hand, has been stringing us along for more than a month. If HP did the OnSale route - cancelled up front, then contacting those with cancelled orders and offering first dibs on re-allocated stock - I'm sure there would be less of us here griping.

    And no, I'm not cancelling my order... I've got too much time invested now to say "screw it"... but HP have just guaranteed that I'll never buy or recommend their products again.
    Exceptionally said - I did say "screw it," at least with OnSale
    I got tired of reading people who placed their order DAYS after mine, saying that their device had shipped - while my order status always read "no order found." the icing was when OS blocked me from posting comments on their FB page for daring to ask about this; currently, they are only allowing posts that praise them for now satisfying customers, and people buy into this facade- At the end of the day, both HP and OS are only thinking about damage control - the $ that is in it for them (trust OS is making a profit), and getting SOME folks to believe they are doing them a favor. People were terribly inconvenienced - and had the rug pulled out from underneath them while a company held on to their money for weeks at a time. So, they decide that weeks after, they will hold up their end if the bargain- and I do understand that mistakes happen - but hell show that you learned from it - handle the situation better the next time - offer a small incentive to help customers once again trust the company. But do not come back and STILL kick dirt in my face - talking OS here- cuz I know a favor when I receive one, and telling me that I can now somewhat get what I originally order - but I am not allowed to as questions when it looks like I am about to be screwed again- ain't a favor. I gladly cancelled my order with them!
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    Email just came in, shipped!

    # 4383XXX
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    Has anybody in the "44 block" gotten any indication of shipment,cause both my orders are in that neighborhood 44069&45129
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    Dar1078 - I'm still in admin 44162xx
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    I got the further order delay email on Monday telling me that I would be in the next round and that orders would be fulfilled by the end of October. Much to my surprise, I got a shipping notification for two 16GB TouchPads this afternoon!
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    Anybody else seeing something like this?

    Its updating every day with a new ship/arrival date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philistine View Post
    Anybody else seeing something like this?

    Its updating every day with a new ship/arrival date.
    Mine has done that for a month - everyday, my order is being both shipped and delivered. Other than that firs email from HP and the option to candle email, I have not heard anything from them. Surprised to read that people are getting ever emails about further delays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Underwaterdan View Post
    I too just got my shipment notifications for my 16gig
    im 4432*** and i have yet to.
    HP Touchpad 32gb
    I'm not an doctor, but I play one in real life.
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    Overnight mine changed from "Qty B/O" to "Qty Alloc." I'm starting to get excited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dar1078 View Post
    Has anybody in the "44 block" gotten any indication of shipment,cause both my orders are in that neighborhood 44069&45129
    I'm 4414XXX and 4416xxx, nada so far. I'm glad to see that some other long time "waiters" have started to see some movement though. For those of you that end up getting your Touchpads, congrats! I hope to join your celebration someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    I can't be mad at a face like that.

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