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    Quote Originally Posted by cohowap View Post
    I just got the email, with a tracking number. But the tracking number shows it was delivered July 27th 2010 lol... Here's to hoping it was a fat finger and makes it way to me properly.
    They just reuse tracking numbers. Eventually it will update to current info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Underwaterdan View Post
    Actually they are bulk shipping so, although I don't claim to be an expert on it, I believe they get a cheaper shipping price if all the packages are the same size and weight and they ship in large quantities at once.
    You're right. No sense in setting four Touchpads aside to put in one box when they are shipping thousands of them individually.
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    I just received my tracking number!!!

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-20-11 @ 4:25pm EDT. P/O# 43839XX HP Order# 0305395XX reassigned to HP Order# 035751XX. Received email on 9-2-11 for delivery in 2 weeks. SHIPPED 9-19-11.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-21-11 @ 10:16pm EDT. P/O# 44305XX HP Order# 0305569XX. Received email on 9-7-11 for delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Picked up a 32Gb TouchPad Demo unit from Walmart on 8-30-11 after much negotiation...and Love it!
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    My first of 2 16GB touchpads ordered on 8/20 was delivered today! The second one is still in transit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudoswede View Post
    So jealous. I got the "2 week" e-mail on 9/2, and I haven't seen squat.
    Naturally, 30 minutes after I post that, I get my tracking numbers.

    *happy dance*
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    What are the orders numbers... you guys who received your shipping emails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fguills75 View Post
    What are the orders numbers... you guys who received your shipping emails?

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    Which of the three do you want? lol

    Web order number is 43832xx, I guess the associated order number is 0305390xx, and the order number from the "2-weeks" email is 305777xx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Which of the three do you want? lol

    Web order number is 43832xx, I guess the associated order number is 0305390xx, and the order number from the "2-weeks" email is 305777xx.
    Either is fine! my number are 442 and 30585 so hopefully I get email soon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fguills75 View Post
    what are the orders numbers... You guys who received your shipping emails?

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    "In the end, everything is fine; if it is not fine, it is not the end." -- Unknown
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    Order number 43800**, two week email and still no shipping email. *** SMB? Should I call them tomorrow and see what's up? Ordered at 10:30am on 8/20, confirmation email same day.
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    For the record, I have not called, emailed or otherwise pestered HP in any way, and I still got a shipping notification today. If you got the two-weeks email, I'd say yours is on its way soon, if not already. If you got the six-weeks email... Patience, Daniel-san.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Hello everyone! Sorry if already discussed.

    I noticed on another website that someone had a helpful way to check other orders and to compare what has shipped/unshipped. So I went to the order status page and subtracted 1 digit from mine and checked the prior 100 orders. (all 8/20 order date)

    A first it seemed they were only shipping 32gb tablets in bulk. (order of 2 or more tablets) However I noticed only a couple orders before mine, they were shipping 16gb tablets ONLY in bulk. Orders with ONLY 1 16gb tablet was still in ADMIN. Some people that ordered 2, 3, or 4 16gb tablets before mine were already delivered.

    Every order before mine that had 2 or more tablets (16gb/32gb) have shipped. My order 43832** 8/20 (dont care if you check mine) Man I never knew how many people ordered more than 1 tablet lol.

    Hopfully we get ours soon!!! Thanks for all info in thread!!!!

    this is where I check status
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    Just checked my spam folder for an email and found my shipping mail from HP in there (of course, all of the ad emails go straight to my inbox). Received at 4:04 pm PDT. Both 32GB (one for a friend) TPs are on their way! They were ordered on 8/20 @ 11:30 am.

    Order number 30580xxx, PO 4380xxx.

    Check those spam folders!
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    If the tracking number you got starts with 96, you can remove the first seven digits and it will be the same tracking number. Expected delivery of Thursday.

    Edited to add: I also got recycled tracking numbers, but (two hours later) FedEx's website now shows the correct information.
    "In the end, everything is fine; if it is not fine, it is not the end." -- Unknown
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    I never get any e-mails from HP they hate me!
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    Anyone looking for a touchstone? I have one I want to part with that is new in box for cost ($40) + shipping. pm me.
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    Mine finally came today! I ordered around 12:45 on the 20th and I got the 2 week email. They sent me an email saying it shipped late last week and its finally here! Can't believe I actually got one, didn't believe it till it was actually in my hands lol.
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    Glad to see they finally got to you. Considering your number got past over so many times. In fact I was one them, and there were many orders that were higher than mine and went before me. I woundered if it had to do with the warehouse it was sent from. Mine was sent from Indy. Congrats to everyone on their shipping emails, maybe they will fulfill all these orders they said they will.
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    Tracking numbers are working for me now. Looks like they are being shipped from Indianapolis, which is only a 2-hour drive from me. Getting my Touchpads tomorrow.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Rumour of all rumours regarding HP SMB read regardless also concerning those who registered on HP website, the EPP, units at the dock.....and his ****star son lol

    see 2 posts from ******roadking towards the bottom of the page

    HP Touchpad $100/$150 (+ a lot of patience and your time) Available now at HP Small/Medium Business - Page 62 of 62

    "I got 15 out of 33 ordered from various sources, made a good profit and spent it all at disneyland and the strip club for my adult kids and I. So I don't feel guilty making $ after all thats what every business does, even the Church. I ordered palm pre 2's for $49 last month and just got all 10 of them today in the mail. I have them on eBay and c-list for triple the $. From my Hebrew friend at HP; said Oct 2 is the date for HP orders. the last week of Sept HP will fill 100,000 units to their partners who have pending orders for their clients. About 60,000 arrived in us ports last week & Some 127,000 are in the port of San Francisco and Long Beach as of 9/19 AM 4:00am so its a logistics thing now, and HP has ***** Gentiles at the Helm -- so its a wait and wait story. But thats all HP made the China facility is offline as of last wednesday."

    "******roadking said: View this post said Oct 2 is the date for HP orders.

    Does that mean that HP will start shipping the Small Business orders(read OUR orders) then?"

    "Y bad not explaining by writing a book... those SB orders still in Hold Status are shipping in this week to come. but if quanity remains after epp on 28th and * 29th is the will call day - for folks on wait list that was live on HP site until 2 weeks ago ; to be notified when is available you'll have an unspecified time to use your pin and get one based on unknown quanity - you will be assigned a pin to access a site not up yet will go live again 12pm est on 10/2 limit one per household if quanity is unclaimed or remains. But from Heeb's info HP had some 250,000 wait listers so 10/2 may or may not happen. really depends on how many HP employees buy on 28th using their epp site and their employee ID's (required) then comes the wait list or sign up to be notified folks - depending on if you get the email and you resond in time and site won't crash -- lots of variables in this crap shoot. I got mine I'm out -- HP won't give you any info just a long hold time. My friend ships them out so he knows whats up. May get 1 more for a paper weight -- Really thats all it will be in a year and web os is terrible, sluggish freezes and that boot time is a joke. Happy hunting. Honestly if you signed up to be notified your doing better then those who are looking to 10/2. BTW no free shipping and no discount codes are being taken one per address matched to CC and phone # at time of sale. 7-14 days shipping be under $12 for shipping so still a bargain . If codes are used a cxl notice will be sent in days after order. I saw a BETA of the webpage and terms and conditions (SORRY --FOR HP EYES ONLY) Dude or Dudette could get fired!! (won't Share it ) of the sales - terms were also on emplyeed site BETA i saw - resale prohibited, one per ID and pin, email to follow, said all that. I won't say good luck because I don't care - just wanted to answer a few things not said and im a boring loser with way too much time on my hands and a x gay ****star son -- proud papi. not really too proud.
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