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    Even before the demise of the touchpad, I was assuming it would have a 1-2 year life (kinda like PCs that were obsolete before you opened the box in the early 90's). My Pre Plus has a few nicks and dings and I wanted to stay with a webOS phone for at least a bit longer (although I'd love to have a few more apps, it basically does what I need for now). I decided to update the phone side of the equation by picking up a Veer. Now I think I'm good to go for a couple of years.

    In two years, I think the world of web based services will have changed that I think I'll have to move to an up to date technology. Perhaps WebOS is still alive and kicking by some sort of miracle, but if not, maybe Android will be mature enough to be a viable alternative. (we'll all be saying "Apple who?" by then ).
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    congratulations enjoy your TP. I know I'll be keeping my launch-day Pre until it no longer works.
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    I upgraded to a Pre 2 after my Pre+ suffered a 'mishap'. I wouldn't mind seeing a 2.2 update or Doctor (but probably not if I couldn't still run Classic - w/DocsToGo) come along but, yeah, my Pre2 and TP will serve me well for a good, long time!

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