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    So what do you plan on using the touchpad for? I just purchased the 32gb model and looking forward to it arriving in the coming days or weeks depending on how fast HP ships them out.

    In the meanwhile, I wanted to get some ideas to branch off from.

    Hopefully this will help others to peak their interest and use. I'm looking forward to the development over at XDA for the android honeycomb, but for now - please share your thoughts and plans. Thanks!
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    I wanted to look into installing Ubuntu on it, if that's possible, but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of modding going on to these..

    Every "techy" (read geek) person knew about this sale and bought one or some. If not, they're still trying. Imagine the results.
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    I'm going to play with mine for a week then I will put it in the drawer where I have my old Pre, Pixi, 3 Treo's and about 15 old Palm PDA's. LOL
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    why would anyone want to replace webOS with android on the touchpad?
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    there is a great thread about putting Ubunto on the TP...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    I'm going to play with mine for a week then I will put it in the drawer where I have my old Pre, Pixi, 3 Treo's and about 15 old Palm PDA's. LOL
    kinda sounds like my drawer full of old nextels
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    I am really hoping that we'll see doc editing finally come to WebOS. I'll be using mine for my last year at university, as well as for business. (and personal use!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro1 View Post
    why would anyone want to replace webOS with android on the touchpad?

    It was just a thought - nothing guaranteed... just curious to see what's up on different people's take and use on the device

    1. first step was planning on installing pre-ware and the relevant updates from the stickies.
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    I've been looking for a 16GB TP since Friday for my mom actually... She has a 7-yo crappy iBook that is falling apart. All she does is watch Youtube videos, send emails, and Skype with me and my sister, so the TP at $99 would've been THE perfect replacement. Unfortunately I've not been able to locate one in the Denver metro, so if anyone was able to pick up an extra one I'd be interested in purchasing it.

    I'm NOT, however, interested in those people who bought up the entire supply looking to turn a quick profit. It's people like you that shut out the TouchPad for the rest of us who are actually looking to buy it to use. Screw you!
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    Kindle and Skype. Pretty bummed about the lack of functionality with netflix and pandora though....
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    what is wrong with pandora on the TP
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    I just ordered the 16 gig on Friday and (if/when) it gets here I plan to use it as:
    -An e-reader
    -To surf (I miss my old laptop *sniff*)
    -Ideally to take notes on the go
    -I'm aware that it doesn't have GPS functionality, but I'd like to be able to load custom maps
    at least. (perhaps WiFi triangulation will prove useful...but I doubt it for where I'll be
    heading) In fact, I wonder if I can work something out so that, via the compass and
    accelerometer, I can more-or-less track my relative position on a map....
    -Organizing notes (full-time student, here)
    -Playing a game or two
    -Hopefully I can find a Botany app for plant identification out in the wild...
    -As an excuse to build a flexible solar charger for my daypack.
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    Mine will be used for general forum surfing and facebook at night, as well as gmail.
    Touchpad 16GB
    Touchpad 32GB
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    Well, apparently I wont be using it to reply to this message.

    This forum works terribly on the touchpad and I cant seem to get it to log in to post a reply - pretty funny? No?

    Honest answer - I'll be using it as a basic note-taker/music player/web browser for the next couple semesters of my teaching program. My wife has commandeered our macbook pro and I just cant bring myself to lug my "ancient" HP laptop from the mid 2000's to class with me (it was a sleek gaming laptop back then, now it looks like somebody trying to lug around a mid-tower - still powerful enough to run windows 7 etc, but you look absolutely ridiculous doing it on this 15 pound behemoth).

    I was about to buy a new laptop, but at 149$ (32gig from staples) I just couldn't pass it up. The touchpad is sleek, comfortable, looks stylish, and does basically everything I need it to do. I might end up springing for a bluetooth keyboard as well to make typing a hair easier (nice to type notes while watching a presentation instead of a screen), but a bit more use of the touchscreen keyboard might change my mind (already notice I can type quite fast on it).

    Since I've bought it I've found myself using it around the house too - no more sitting at the computer surfing the net, I can just hit up my touchpad and burn an hour. Watched an episode of the daily show right off their website yesterday night in the kitchen while I prepped a dinner - all the while I had a recipe pulled up in another card. Was nice. I'll certainly get my 149$ worth out of it.

    Even synched it up with my phone (pre-) and was messing with that yesterday. Forgot I did so - was kicking back on the couch surfing and my touchpad started ringing. Picked up the "phone" and had a quick conversation. It was.... Neat? Might have to try skype video chat if I can find anyone else that has it.
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    This will be my internet tablet for around the house. Web browsing, native email , facebook, twitter, rss feeds, and ebook reader (Kindle).
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    @sixfootsix Have you tried to use Pandora from their website?
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    When i get my TP, when!!!!!, i will b trying to get into blogging maybe, as its such an easier method, compared to the laptop. In my opinion.

    Also, general web use, games, and if i get a Pre3, txting and TTS!!! Epic
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    I just picked one up today as part of the fire sale. I have been missing webOS since my pre plus died about a month ago. I plan on using it for basic browsing and e-mail. I am hoping to use it at work as well because I am an evernote junkie. I am kinda bummed there is not a evernote app for the touchpad but I will use the web browser version for now.

    Here is to hoping that all of these people that picked one up in the firesale will help revive webOS so it can live on!
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    I may use one or two, depending on how I feel about how the hardware meets my work needs. I'm a public defender, and the biggest question in my mind is whether or not I can find a decent audio recording app for the device. If so, it can replace my calendar and digital recorder. I can also use it to work on things like pleadings and appeals if we get document editing (did that happen since I last checked a week ago?), and I can use it on the sly with a hotspot for Internet while in court I think.

    If it works well at work, I'll secure a second one from a relative who bought a lot for gifts and will keep it at home for light web browsing and travel type purposes.
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    1- browsing net
    2- emails
    3- kids games/ movies
    4- storage backup of all my movies/pics..thank you !
    5- ereader
    6-1000 etc etc etc etc :-)
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