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    new owner here, I pretty much just planned to use it for every thing! I must say that it's certainly a lot lighter than a computer on my lap.
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    New owner - reading comics, pdfs and answering emails.
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    Well... just checking in to see what some of you are now really doing with the TP
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    I've pretty much maxed out my 32 Gb Touchpad with music, music videos and movies. Just a massive portable media player. ...oh and sometimes I use it to browse the Internet too
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    *...and I think webOS is awesome
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    I use the touchpad for lots of things.

    Its replaced my laptop for note taking along with my bluetooth keyboard (works wonderfully and looks slick).

    I do a lot of audio recording with it as well, it replaced my voice recorder.

    I do lots of web browsing on it, great for leisure couch surfing.

    I read comics with my son on it, beautifully suited for the task.

    Its his toy, he loves playing games on it (2 years 6 months old, loves playing angry birds and big boss).

    I use it as a pmp for the car (son watches tv/movies on it, I spent 7$ on an ipad seat mount case that works perfect strapped to the headrest.

    I watch a bit of hulu and the daily show on it.

    I watch netflix (cm7)

    short answer- it has become a major part of my computing lifestyle.
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    I use it for:

    -another calendar
    -web usage when I'm watching something

    I have been using the Kindle app but have found that I really don't like reading on and LCD for books for extended time. Guess it's time to buy another toy....the new Kindle e-reader.
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    I use mine for light browsing and for studying for grad school.

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    It is a media player for me as well. The update helped out the native player, and my former hi-def movies just need simple conversion and play beautifully on the Touchpad (I could not get them to play prior to the update).

    My internet use is light, consisting mainly of forums like this, and techno blogs. I have the option as well of viewing video from you Tube or Video Flood (A+++). I use Dropbox more than the app just for the simplicity and connectivity among my computers (anyone wants an extra 250MB?).

    Offline, I have a few games that keep me occupied (Bug Village, Robotek, Cross Word etc), and I read stories from the Kindle app for my daughter before she goes to bed.

    As a result, I use my main computers even less than I did before. My main use for my computer has been for photo editing and archiving (Adobe Lightroom) on my desktop and laptop (when I travel), or the occassional webpage that does not render well on the TP (very few). I recently had some 300 wedding shots I edited and had to upload to Picasa. I used Splashtop to connect to my desktop and completed all transfers without running back and forth to the computer as I waited on the photo batches to upload. This experience alone made the TP worth so much more than what I paid.
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    Thanks for sharing and bringing some insight to creative uses... feel free to add @TP community.
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    Once mine arrives I will use it mainly as a media player/internet surfer. I have had a pre for years (Sprint) and love webos. Will it replace my ipad? Probably not, but I will for sure be taking my touchpad on trips out of the country since petty theft can be an issue where I travel. Would much rather lose a 100 investment over a 600 one if that day comes. I want to try doing a dual boot with it as well just for the fun of it.
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    Media Player (still need Kalemsoft)
    Light Gaming
    Kids Games/Storybooks
    Skype - HAHA, just kidding

    Will probably dual-boot into Android when it's released (hopefully ICS) just to have more choice. FYI I don't intend on abandoning the WebOS environment and I'm actively supporting the WebOS dev community by purchasing apps.

    It's just nice to be able to quickly check e-mail, weather, calendar and do it on the couch. Much better than breaking out the laptop and waiting for it to boot up. Initially I didn't see a big use case for tablets (and still don't to some degree) and couldn't see dropping $500 on one, but after getting one $150 I am seeing the benefits - but not $500+ worth of benefits like others do.
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    You tube guitar lessons, tabs, sheet music.
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    I use mine for the leisurely stuff and I find that I've been taking it to restaurants, etc. I used it briefly for serious stuff (reading datasheet .pdfs). In other words, it's purely a toy.

    It goes a lot of places I don't want to take my lappy.

    I loaded Android on my second TP and I think the story will be the same there. I have a third TP still new in the box and I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet. Might be a gift, might put Android on it, too.
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