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    Hey guys. I'm a former Palm Pre (Sprint) user that just came back to webOS after acquiring the HP TouchPad (16 GB) with the recent fire sale. Just wanted to chime in after being a whole day with it and give my personal impressions.

    Seems like webOS has grown up a little bit... but not that much to justify 2 major versions (latest one I used was webOS v1.4.5 on my Palm Pre). webOS 3.0.2 in the HP TouchPad performs pretty well but... I still find it lagging after loading up a few cards, and this was after using the latest F15C experimental overclock kernel to 1.728 GHz. Seems like there's still a lot to do to improve webOS performance. Just Type... works pretty good but... it's pretty much the same feature I had when I just typed using my Palm Pre physical keyboard. Audio quality is pretty decent, given that these are stereo speakers. I find it louder than my iPad 2, that only has a mono speaker. I'm not a fan of Beats Audio and I find that option to emphasize too much on treble/bass and muffle the mids. Build quality is decent... just a bit too bulky and a bit too heavy (the iPad 2 and most Android "Honeycomb" tablets are thinner and lighter).

    App Catalog looks great and I'm digging the Pivot "TouchPad Exclusive" Magazine... worth a read (and it features homebrew development as well). However, the lack of TouchPad applications is seriously what's killing this device. Facebook Tablet by HP really sucks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it works, it's really slow. There's no app for Twitter (other than 3rd party paid apps), and the free ones I found didn't worked well. No Dropbox (only 3rd party paid alternatives). Evernote, Engadget, and some other apps I used on my Palm Pre have not, yet, been optimized for TouchPad (shows the app inside of a Pre frame, maybe some kind of compatibility/emulation mode). Angry Birds HD and Robotek HD look awesome, and both are free (a plus!).

    -to be continued... (hurricane coming over to Puerto Rico and gotta make preparations)-
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    You got the device for $100 ($150) and begrudge a few bucks to support 2rd party developers? Shame on you

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