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    please don't post email addresses. Use the PM system for contacting each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkj View Post
    honestly if you were considering buying one at $400 its still a tremendous bargain at ~$200.
    not really considering HP is abandoning webos , and selling at such a low price of $99 kinda proves they are. If they weren't abandoning webOS they could have easily sold just as many touchpad by cutting the price to $199.
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    Would like a 16GB in Savannah, GA, if anyone's selling.
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    PS: I am traveling up and down I5 for work, so anything from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, WA would be possible for me to pick up. I'll pay a 15% mark up for one, or 10% mark up and I'll buy two (second is either for my family or girl).

    Also, if anyone is genuinely looking at these for their own use, I'll PM a link of an online retailer who hasn't marked them down yet, so they have hundreds in stock. I'm calling tomorrow morning to see if I can have any luck, as they say they price match, so if people want me to report my success (or lack thereof) with talking to them, shoot me a PM.
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    Anyone with one in Massachusetts? I've been looking everywhere and could not find one. I will keep trying to find one, but if anyone with a kind heart is willing to sell one at slightly above markup, I'm willing to buy. Thanks!
    Treo 650 --> Treo 680 --> Palm Pre Plus --> Palm Pre 2--> TOUCHPAD 32gb
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    If I actually get the few extras I bought from HP, I will offer them to Precentral users before ever putting it on ebay. I don't think those extras will come through but we'll see.
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    Superjudge, please PM me if you do receive them! I would be soooo grateful if you would sell one to me!
    Treo 650 --> Treo 680 --> Palm Pre Plus --> Palm Pre 2--> TOUCHPAD 32gb
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    I live in the Denver area and it looks like I will have one to sell. I ordered one last night and got the order confirmation with ship date today. I was able to get the price match on mine at Best Buy today so I will not need the one I ordered. I will have a 32 GB and will sell it for what I paid on HP. It says to expect delivery about Aug. 30.

    if someone is interested let me know.
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    I'm interested in one too. I signed up for the hp notification. By the time I saw the front page best buy was all sold out. I'm trying to get the 99.00 one. I'm in Columbus Ohio.
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