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    Orders for 32 GB will not be shipped until Wednesday, August 24.

    It appears that the orders for Touchpads at Sams Club was so much that they could not shipp everything right away tommorow. I suspect the 16 GB will ship tommorow because at $99 that was the first deal to go. The second deals at $149 will ship on Wednesday. With this large quantity of orders being shipped, I will not be surprised if they make money off shipping too.
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    Thanks for sharing this, my order has been stuck on "The item has been initialized within the shipping group" which had me worried it was bound to get cancelled (32g model).
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    I ordered at 16g and it still shows as "processing" as well.
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    Just got confirmation of shipment and Fedex Tracking for 32gb Touchpad from sams.
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    I just received a shipment notification from Sams Club at 3:38 pm central time that my Touchpad orders have shipped via Federal Express (FedEx) . They also supplied tracking numbers however I cannot track them yet. I suspect that these numbers have not yet been synchronized in their logistics system yet. Yay! I am happy I joined Sams Club because I was not having luck anywhere in town despite being one of the first out to the stores on Saturday morning. Saturday was full of mixed emotions for me. I was angry about paying full price for the device but once I heard that BestBuy extended the return period, I was the first in the store and got my refund. They were also not selling anymore Touchpads because it was being returned to HP. I immediately went to other stores: Office Depot just sold out and OfficeMax had 1 left but they apparently did not get the memo about the firesale price. They said they had to return the only 16 GB left to HP. I did not even bother checking Sams because it seemed like a homeless situation to me, but I checked Sams Club website and low and behold, the $99 16 GB hotcakes were already gone but a limited stock of the 32 GB were available. I quickly ordered and crossed my fingers! It appears I am one of the luckly ones. I am glad that I will be reuniting with my 1 month old friend
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    Got my shipping notice today as well.

    I didn't have to join Sams Club though, bought it as a "guest." No extra charge.

    Can't wait to get my hands on it.
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    How many days after ordering did you see the shipping notice on Sams club?
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    Mine shipped tuesday and arrived friday
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    I ordered a 32GB Friday and got a estimated arrival time of 8/30 to 9/3.Mine went from Submitted to processing in a few hours but hasn't changed since.I ordered a air conditioner from them a couple months ago and the web site still said Processing a day after it arrived.
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    I ordered on Friday and I see: Arrives between 08/30 to 09/03. My status shows as: The item has been initialized within the shipping group. I am a bit skeptical as my Amazon (onSale) order was cancelled a couple of days ago. I hope Sams Club ships the TP for sure !!!
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    I ordered two on Saturday and they just got here on Friday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philliptt View Post
    I ordered two on Saturday and they just got here on Friday.
    So it typically takes a week or so..

    Thanks !!!
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    Got a FEDEX tracking # tonight,says 9/1 delivery
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwashere View Post
    Mine shipped Tuesday and arrived Friday
    Same here.
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    They don't take a lot of care with the packaging. My Touchpad was in a big box with no padding of any kind. Think I'm pretty lucky there were no problems with it.

    Took a week to arrive after ordering.
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    Now I'm getting worried,pending charge at bank went away. Also fedex received the shipping info over 30 hours ago and have yet to show it in their possession. Hope I'm just being paranoid.
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    Fedex finally has it and it left a TX. fedex facility a couple hours ago. Now I just have to worry about them breaking the thing. Still trying to find one for a friend. I'll be glad when all the TP's are sold and this thing is over.

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