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    i'd be in heaven if only.....

    tho guessing a fair few wont know what the last logo is
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    im not sure if anyone will buy it out totally. if anything hp might have to license it out. my hope is htc will make a phone or two. worse comes to worse they could give it to the community to have us port it to other phones. they would have to go open source though.

    ^ and yes i know im dreaming here.
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    the boing ball was my main reference in the pic, webOS and AmigaOS, both good multitasking OS's that still live on after taking a massive kick to the dangley bits, and both still alive.

    both my fave OS's in their respective worlds.
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    AmigaOS was way ahead of it's time. Still had an A500 and 2 A1200 until bout 1 year ago
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    unfortunatly i just couldnt replace spare parts.

    My last workign system was a Towered A1200 with a PowerPC 603e/68040 system with a Cybervision64/3D + Picasso IV card jammed into it with numerous other additions.

    1 by 1 bits stopped working and ebay is a pain to source stuff, esp if you find its a load of non functional or damaged junk you end up with.

    Eyetech, how i miss thee.
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    Amiga OS...Nice! Sorli...
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    nice vid, well setup workbench hes got but damn i hate/envy him for owning all the needed working spares

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