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    Bring a print out of the precentral article. Also the webosroundup article of Bestbuy extending the price match to 60 days. I just got back from the Bronx Terminal location and the cashier give me a little attitude about price matching. I ask to speak to a manger, and explain what I read. He asked to see it, than got on the phone to headquarters. I had my price match 5 min later. Bestbuy just got a customer for life.
    The advice to print out a copy is the best advice I've seen on here so far (I'm sure someone else mentioned it later as well, but your's was the first I saw).

    I printed them out right before I left, almost as an afterthought. The lady was reasonably polite (though a big brusque), and said several times they've received directives not to price match clearance Touch Pads. I showed her the artice. She said that it's beyond the 30 day. I showed her where they specifically stated that purchases after June 19 were eligible. She made several phone calls, gave me my $449 (plus tax) refund, and while processing it, called the store managers and told them that corporate said so honor the price.
    If you type PreCentral on a TouchPad
    It changes to PreMenstrual
    That situation needs to be fixed!
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    Im in NJ, and I had no issues with my local BB. I did print out the BB webpage, but it wasn't necessary. The assistant knew the deal and made the price cut refund in a few minutes. There was also another guy right next to me picking up two TPs (1 16 GB, 1 32 GB) that he had managed to order online.
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