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    So, here's a little background info on this. I purchased this TP day one out in Virginia. Got it for $499.99 plus tax and what not.

    Fast forward a bit, I got a $50 rebate from my Credit Card company because they have a price match deal.

    Fast forward a little bit more, I got the $50 app credit from HP for being an early adopter.

    And finally, fast forward to today, just got my $418 credit back from Best Buy. I'm sure you guys can do the math, but I got my TouchPad for $99, got the $50 rebate from my credit card company, and I got the $50 app credit from HP.

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention, I got a $10 gift certificate from Best Buy Reward Zone.
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    Tryin' to sell it?
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    Actually got mine for free as well, which ****ed off everyone behind me in line at Best Buy lol. Had 50 in gift cards I never used, because Best Buy is on the other side of the county, and I don't get out that way often. Went to the rewards zone site before driving there, found out I had a 45 and a 5 dollar RZ certificate ready to use. SCORE!
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    My bro is apparently getting his for free. He got it for $99 and did some quizzes for the HP retail program... and sent in for a $100 rebate. So if/when he gets the rebate, I guess he paid tax minus $1.
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    I got my first touchpad for $500, plus the $50 BuyBack program at Best Buy day 1, yo! Then, some peeps up in NoCal called and wanted me to participate in a paid weeklong evaluation and testing product research program - for $150! Did it, got the check.

    Then, got the $50 for free apps.

    Then, HP quit, they folded, they caved, they gave up the ghost. That was followed by announcements from BB that they would take my TP back if I returned it no later than 60 days from the purchase date (old policy was 14 days on tablets). I thought i was going to reutrn the thing and get half of my purchase price since I had the buyback insurance.

    Then came the fire sale. Went to several Office Depot in Southern Cal - no luck.

    Went to BB after seeing on this website that BB had reserved its decision and was gonna sell their inventory and was dropping prices to match HP's deal. Stood in line with 60 or so people - I was in the middle of the pack. Manager started counting and stopped at ME! I got the last one (he wouldn't sell two to the family in front of me - whew!)

    Manager also told me that they would price match on my first TP. So, I got the refund on the first one, meaning I had paid $200 total for two 16gb TPs.

    If you take into account the app credit and the research payment, then, I paid ZERO for two Touchpads!!! HP is the greatest company in the whole world!!

    Of course, I didn't get any compensation for the pain and emotional distress I have suffered since June 2009... I presume that check will be sent "in the coming months" to "make it right."
    Palm III -> Palm m500 -> Zire 71 -> Zire 72 -> Treo 700p -> Palm Pre Minus -> TWO Touchpads 16gb -. and unfortunately, a Motorola Photon 4G...

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