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    Ok so i bought my touchpad last week at bjs and now they just stopped selling them instead of lowering them. Who would i call to get the price adjustment
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    ok thanks fingers crossed. I tried hard this weekend to find one with no luck so i just have to hope bus will change price not just let me return it because i like it
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    I'm in a similar sitiuation. I talked to the "manager" at several BJ's this weekend and they all claimed to have no information regarding the price reduction. I explained to them that the Touchpad is selling for $99 at EVERY retail outlet and that HP has authorized resellers to reimburse customers the difference from the original price. I received either dumb-founded stares or rude comments. I know for a fact that a lot of stores are hoarding them for employees so that may be the situation at BJ's. I want to keep mine too but not for $400.
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    I just called my local BJ's and they said they did lower the price. If you bought within 14 days all you need to do is bring your receipt it.

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