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    Thanks for posting yours BrewCity. I added it to the list on the first post. Hopefully we can get a lot of these on here so that everyone can get their money.
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    I went last night, when I knew I had time and I hoped they wouldn't be too busy. I was polite and patient, which was primary reason one I was able to get $491.85 returned to my American Express Card. I had to explain it three times, to the Customer Service kid, the Customer Service Supervisor, and finally to the Assistant Manager. Primary reason two was I came prepared. I had printouts of this entire thread with success stories highlighted, the Best Buy page, and other examples of success stories from the site.

    The morale of the story. Be Polite. Be Patient. Be Prepared. Good Luck to all.
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    Theclares, if you could, would you take pictures/scan your receipts so we can add it to the successful matches? This will help others who have not yet received the money.
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    Purchased my TP 32GB on July 1st. Read this entire tread for ideas on how to get the price match from Walmart.

    -Printed out all of the receipts from this tread.
    -Printed out this entire tread and highlighted important info.
    -Brought my Touchpad just in case. They needed to look at the SN.
    -Printed out the Bestbuy TouchPad clearance and Return Policy linked in this tread.
    -Printed out the blog post from Webosroundup linked in this tread.

    I first called the Walmart Corp Office at 479-273-4000. Got right through and the lady said they are getting many calls about this but you have to get the Walmart store to give the price match. Said that I needed to talk to the "salaried store manager".

    Went to my local Walmart and went to the returns counter. Asked the lady behind the counter to price match. She called an Asst. Manager and I explained everything again. Showing the copies of the receipts from other people that got the price matches. Again she said that she would have to call the other Asst. Manager.

    Another Manager comes over and I explain to him again about the price matching going on at other major retail stores. I show him all the receipts and the other information.

    I give him the Walmart Corp Offices phone number and he calls it. He starts to check on a computer for any notices from corp. He then calls someone else on his radio and then says do it to the first lady I talked too.

    They took my CC and refunded the difference. Took about 30 minutes total time. Got $481.50 back.

    Here is my scanned receipts.
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    If all these solutions seem like a lot of work, well, they are.

    I'm lazy though. Here's my tale:

    I bought my 32GB TP in Delaware (tax free!) for $599 on July 4th.

    I showed up at a Walmart in Northern Virginia on August 27th and went and talked to the Customer Service rep. I showed her my original receipt, and she scanned the TP box to see the new price (and boy was she shocked!). I had the touchpad itself inside, but she never even opened to box. I explained why the usual 14 day window didn't apply here, etc, and she called over an assistant manager. The manager called the assistant manager of electronics department, who gave them the OK to process the price-match.

    I had this forum thread on my Pre queued up to show them receipts, etc, which I offered them, but they weren't interested. I got $450 back on my credit card within about 40mins (most of the time was spent waiting because they were all pretty busy). I didn't print anything out or call ahead of time to HQ, but I was prepared to do so if this had turned out fruitless.

    Being polite, patient, and friendly definitely went a long way. The original rep was really rooting for me, because I made it apparent that I didn't feel entitled to Walmart's money, but instead that I was being screwed by HP's pricing.

    TL;DR version: Price match with just box, receipt, and credit card. Be polite and patient.
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    My experience: (Spoiler alert - Success!)

    i have been visiting the area Wal-Marts and asking customer service there if they had heard anything from HP yet. After reading this thread, I got everything together: my receipt, my Touchpad, and a good attitude.

    Last night I went in to inquire about a credit, and after about 20 minutes they said that they didn't have the authority, but that I should come in and see ******** in the morning (assistant manager). I went in this morning (again with Touchpad, receipt, LOTS of samples of Wal-Mart receipts from this thread, and a good attitude), and inquired again. After about a half-hour, they finally decided it was okay and gave me $470.81 back!

    Here's the key - BE POLITE. Don't get rude or demanding. They DO NOT have to do this, but are doing it at various stores in order to keep up customer satisfaction. If your store is hesitant, don't get an attitude. Thank them politely and go to another Wal-Mart if there is one available.

    Thanks to the OP and all who have been encouraging through this. It is possible, if you show some restraint and class.
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    I also went in to my local Walmart after work today. I came fully equipped with my receipt, the Best Buy Memo and a bunch of the receipts made available to us in this thread. It took me maybe 10 minutes at the maximum to get money back. The first clerk I spoke with almost went into shock when we scanned my receipt and saw that they were now marked down to $149. The store manager had no issue giving me my refund once she saw the blog posts and example refund receipts! Thank you all for all of your help! This is exactly why webOS & precentral are the best in the world!
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    I want to scream or cry - not sure which. After spending an hour 'waiting' on the phone this afternoon, I stopped at the walmart I made my purchase on day 2 of launch. I told the 'story' to three folks then finally the manager. I had a very positive calm demeanor. She quickly approved my refund. Well-the the other two associates started to ring me up on the computer to do the refund - the computer would not let them take back the return and re-ring the new purchase. It kept saying it was an invalid return. Surely there has to be some kind of override. They said it was tied directly to the manufacturer. Needless to say, I walked out without money. How could they not see to it to find a way around it. I maintained my cool; we even called HP. My strategy was/is to contact HP for some kind of additional word to take back but after going in circles with them 5 times, no luck. I am beside myself. Please know I had all of my documentation: receipt; receipts posted here (to which they seemed defensive and revert to the "each store is different" routine. I had the best buy policy and more.

    This is the Sahuarita store in Tuscon.

    Brewcity - I showed them that another Tucson store gave the refund and one associate called there. He said he was told that store should not have done the refund and someone may be in trouble. I just don;t get it.

    I was there an hour and a half with a very patient 7 year old. I am thankful the manager agreed to the refund, but how did they manage to not refund it because of the computer? My plan is to write her a letter at this point and aksing for her ot do an override. I maintained my cool the entire time and they even apologized to me for my long wait. It is disconcerting at this point. Any suggestions welcome. I am thinking a letter to the manager who approved may fix it. She quickly gave her verbal but those under her could not figure out how to make it happen. Maybe I should have been insistent and not left w/o my money....I will go back.

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    rratina - sorry that you had issues! They just needed a assistant manager at my Wal-Mart in order to override the computer, but I can only speak for the one in my area.

    So was the end result that you did finally get a refund at a different store?
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    Thanks to this and various other people posting their receipts from Walmart, I got a price match to the fire sale price. I spent ~30minutes talking my way through 4 people until I got to the manager. The evidence from the printed receipts I brought in made all the difference! I will be scanning my receipt as soon as I can get my printer up and running to help others.

    Thank you everyone who has helped out!
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    No - no refund yet. Called and spoke with the manager today - she said for me to come back today. Crossing my fingers!
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    Update - I called the manager that had given a verbal price match today but whose staff did not honor the refund. She asked me to return which I did. They still had difficulty facilitating the exchange with their computer - I just don't understand that - so she asked if I would accept a gift card. While cash is preferred I must say, I am just as pleased to have my price match in the form of a gift card. I am grateful.

    *They even had problems with the receipt printing as it was not printing properly so they wrote on my original receipt my price match refund!

    Thank you to all who posted here to share their experiences and insights and receipts. I am very grateful to all of you as well.

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    Wow, I wonder what I did wrong!

    Had my original receipt, TP in the box, copy of best buy policy and copies of several of the refund receipts from this thread.

    Went in to the store where I purchased my TP on launch day. I was patient and polite. Unfailingly. Made my way thru the customer service rep, cs manager and patiently waited 20+ minutes for the store "Co-Manager" to come discuss the situation.

    No dice. She said "store by store" decision and was not moved by the evidence of other store's refunds. I asked if she would check with the district manager and left with still a glimmer of hope. Two days later, she called to say the answer from the district manager was no b/c its a 'store by store' decision. Which I guess actually means district might not have said 'no' but rather said it was up to store manager & so her original decision stood.

    Texas. It's like a whole 'nother country.
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    You could try going to another WalMart wood_sprite.
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    my experience yesterday at Wal-Mart shows that it really up to each store manager... Now I was just trying to get hp folio case using the office depot print out for there in store only price....the electronic sections kid said it was fine... Then had manager come over...she was rude and no matter what I said or showed her she said Wal-Mart doesn't honor this type of PM. Literally 10 min trying to be polite and reason with her...I asked if I could call a number or talk to someone else.. She wouldn't budge...told me "she was it" go through her...

    so I gave up and went on my way and did my shopping...after checking out I went to customer service desk. Showed ad explained manager not giving me discout...she look puzzled said I see no reason why we can give it to u...she went and got a different manager(I was scared she was gonna ask same one) and approved it.!

    The best part is I had to walk back to electronics section to get the cases, after picking up a couple cases for me and friend and hoping not to run into first manager low and behold I turn down a aisle and there she is...she sees the Tpad cases in my hand and says"oh your gonna get them anyways huh?" and I smile and say "yup and I'm getting the discounted price" - LOL at the look she had on her face as I walked by her...priceless look of defeat.

    So make sure you ask more then one person or come back different nice, patient ,and come equipped with the right paperwork... And you will get it!
    I hope that after I die, people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money.

    Modded Sprint Pre: 3" pulley s/c, i/c, 1.6 rockers, xp cam, slp headers, 3in exhaust, res/cat delete... oh wait wrong forum... ummm pre has lots of mc patches and a xtra mhz, ghtz, and chigglehertz
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    wood_spirit > you may even ask if the manager will consider a walmart credit. To me, this was better than no price match at all! Good luck; keep trying; don't give up!
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    Success!! With your receipt images I was able to get price adjustments on both 32GB Touchpads I bought at the Wal-mart the night before the price adjustment. It did take a manager's override but after I showed them the Best Buy document and the printed receipts from others they did the refund without any fuss. Thanks to those that shared their receipts before me.

    My receipt to add to the list:
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    The walmart stores in my area did not carry the touchpad so i ordered mine from It appears that most of the success stories are from people who bought theirs in store. Has anyone had/heard of any price match success stories from touchpad purchases on TIA
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    I tried several times, now just getting ignored emails. They will not honor it. I ordered from also
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    I finally received my price match from It took a bunch of phone calls and emails but I got my money. When i first called they said it would be honored and my money would be in my account. When the money wasn't there on the specified date they gave I called back and they said it wouldn't be honored. Then i wrote an email saying "an employee" first told me it would be honored and now i'm being told it will not. Then after that email, i received one back saying i would be credited and i checked my account and the price had been adjusted. The next day the money was in my account.
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