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    Quote Originally Posted by docksaint View Post
    Mine also shows as shipped with a tracking number from 2010.
    Weird, my order for the TP Case and Touchstone is showing a tracking number from 2010 as well.

    Both of my 32gb + paper orders are still under "Item being processed." on the website, even though I got confirmation e-mails for both this morning. God I hope they don't cancel both.

    This whole thing is such a cluster[insert bad word here].
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    For those still looking for a 16 gb TouchPad, has them for $101.95 plus tax and shipping. You pay a little more but as of 11:30 pm Mountain they still have them available.
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    I'm waiting for them to drop the 32gb. I'd like to hedge my bets a bit.

    EDIT: Saw this over at slickdeals. Hopefully they're right.

    Order being processed: You are good to go, HP will ship them out on Monday.
    Order being verified: HP is unsure of stock levels so you will know Monday if they have enough or not.
    Declined; Call HP: don't bother, they couldn't reinstate mine with that card or another
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    Ok have my tracking number, but its also from 2010! Anyone get a tracking number that wasn't old?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mc_gusto View Post
    Ok have my tracking number, but its also from 2010! Anyone get a tracking number that wasn't old?
    I've run into this with orders from other vendors. I can't remember if it was UPS, FedEx, or USPS, but they do reuse tracking numbers after a while. I remember what a shock it was the first time it happened to me when I saw that my order that I had placed the day before for delivery to LA was delivered to Chicago two years before!
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    initially got old tracking number from HP but it was changed as it moved through the system.
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    Mine has been stuck on order being processed since shortly after I got the order to go through. No emails have been sent to me yet. I ordered a 32gb at about 2:30 EST yesterday afternoon.
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    Mine was just approved and sent to order management.
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    yeah, approved and sent to order management is what i'm getting as well

    Order date: 8/21/2011 7:49:53 AM
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    Mine still says being processed, awaiting shipment information.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tp2386 View Post
    At what time did you place your order? I placed mine at 7:47 PDT. Trying to see what my chances are of my order being cancelled.
    i placed mine at 7:30 pdt
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    it looks like it's a random draw on who gets canceled and who doesn't.
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    Dang it, still "item being processed". STOP TOYING WITH ME HP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraMav View Post
    Dang it, still "item being processed". STOP TOYING WITH ME HP!

    Did you get confirmation emails BTW?
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    Yes I did. But some have said that their orders were cancelled after they received confirmation e-mails.
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    Your order is being processed.
    A customer representative may be contacting you to confirm the details of your order.

    Ordered Sunday morning (10:30 ish) (32gb)
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    I'm starting to think I should have just sucked it up and ordered from B&N too just to play it safe. Although I've been hearing several reports of them cancelling orders as well.

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    60 hours later and all it says is, "Item being processed". At this point, I don't care one way or another since I've also ordered one from OnSale, but this is pretty ridiculous.

    I think the issue for me is that I can't simply cancel the order from HP. Every time I call customer support (I've tried 3 different numbers, multiple times) they start to transfer the call and then *beep, boop, beep* and they hang up before I get to talk to a real person.

    I'm grateful for the sale, but I suspect that I would be screwed if I didn't know what I was doing and had to call customer support or something.
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    Still waiting on email confirmation from HP SMB since yesterday... no confirmation status on the order status - but they did have no problems charging the credit card

    I gave up trying to call HP on the phone - I left the phone on speaker for ~1 hour.... looks like a mission impossible here to get in touch (no pun) with anyone.
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    My status says "admin", and my credit card co. says the payment is "pending". I'll be really po'd if I get canceled, when I could have gotten one on Amazon or B&N or Best Buy.
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