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    Is anybody having app catalog issues on their TP?

    I am unable to download anything, spits out "Download failed" every single time. I have a CC tied to my account. Same issues when attempting to update via the software manager, and to make matters worse - if I try and update 'App Catalog' itself, it fails and reverts to "Mojo" emulation mode - and absolutely nothing works.

    This is immediately after a reflash of 3.0.2 from a WebOS Doctor. Is there a way to grab the newest appcat ipkg so I can manually install it?

    Any ideas?
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    Perhaps the tens of thousands of new touchpads that just got bought hogging up the server capacity?

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    I'm sure more people would have having issues if that was the case? I seen no similar threads to App Catalog and the Software Manager failing and then borking themselves requiring a reflash.

    Does nobody have the ipkg for the update to App Catalog?
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    Same problem here - apparently because it goes to http://index.html/
    Does anyone have the correct URL for the catalog ?
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    I clicked on the Kindle app, instead of opening the app it proceeds to offer me the option of downloading and installing it.
    I do so and now Kindle works.
    Guess what, the APP CATALOG WORKS also ???

    ymmv - I just got the touchpad (my first webos experience) and am fumbling my way around . . .
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    If you've somehow gotten to the point where you don't have a working App Catalog, open up Software Manager. If you select HP App Catalog then you will have the option to Don't Download and it will restore it to the last working version. Or you can retry the download (the other option).

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