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    Hey guys, I installed Preware and threw on some patches, but now I have a weird problem.

    If you go to an application with a list to scroll through, for example Preware Applications or Device Info's Default Applications list, the last two items at any position in the scroll don't appear properly, and this makes the last two items in the entire list inaccessible entirely.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    I believe it was the GNU patch that caused it, but I'm not positive.
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    Have you rebooted your TouchPad since installing the patches? If so try removing the suspected patches one at a time, rebooting and checking the behavior until you find the culprit.
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    I have rebooted the touchpad.

    I will try removing one by one, but a quick question first: If I uninstall a dependency of another patch, can I then re-install the dependency after and the patch will be ok?
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    Ok scratch that...I can't uninstall a dependency without installing the patch on top.

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