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    If you missed the madness yesterday, has the Touchpad pages active and in stock as of right now! I just ordered my 16gb! $99 cant beat that! Good Luck,

    Th3 H0ff
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    I ordered one. I'm going to try to get up there early if they don't respect reserving it for in store pickup.
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    I'm trying but the site isn't working... Shopping cart is a blank page?
  4. R_E
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    finally just bit the bullet. For free shipping:

    Put Touchpad into cart
    click this link: : link

    go back to cart and checkout
    Free shipping will appear at checkout time (not in cart, but later)
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    just got another one so thats 2 32g from hp and 16g bestbuy so happy
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    cant really afford a tablet right now, but worst comes to worst, i'll just have to sell it

    also, has anyone stopped to consider how crazy thing whole thing is?

    I went to 3 physical stores yesterday and all said people had come in earlier and grabbed all the touchpads
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    yeah, i just got one!
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    do they ship abroad? To sweden?

    alot of people in my vicinity wants them as they are perfect "computers" for surfing, emailing, watching movies and so on. And webos is so easy that even older people find them accessible.
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    Only pick up in store o avaible for shipping?

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    Just got another one for myself. Glad I woke up early today. Ha
    Sprint Love
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    Unfortunately they don't ship abroad:

    International Orders

    International Orders
    Shipping Outside the U.S.

    We can ship your order to any of these locations:

    U.S. states
    U.S. Virgin Islands
    APO/FPO (military) addresses
    We cannot ship to other countries. Both the billing and shipping addresses must be in one of the locations above.

    International Orders for U.S. Shipping or Pickup

    If you have an international billing address, you can place orders on and that will be shipped to an addresses in the United States, Virgin Islands or Guam. Or, you can place your international order online and pick it up at any U.S. store.

    To complete your online purchase, please use this exact billing address in place of your international billing address during checkout:

    10780 Kempwood Dr.
    Houston, TX 77043

    You can also call 001-281-742-5268 at any time for assistance or to place your order over the phone.

    Using Store Pickup at a U.S. Store

    Your order will be held at the store for 8 days. After 8 days, we'll cancel the order and refund your form of payment.
    Please make sure the person picking up the order is the person named on the purchasing credit card.
    All other Store Pickup terms and conditions apply.
    International orders are intended for use in the United States. Best Buy does not ship to known freight forwarders, and orders to such will be canceled. Tax manifestos and sales tax refunds are not available for international orders.
    But if you have any friends in the U.S., Virgin Islands or Guam...
    I do not
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    Got one.... missed the free shipping link though... all well

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    I still have not received any confirmation from Friday night so I grabbed a 16 GB from best buy just now. Not sure what I'd do with two of these if both come through
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    Great! thanks for the info! Now we have 1 each in our house.

    Now, just need TS to go on sale!
    I see pandas.
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    16 GB is already Out of Stock online
    I see pandas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post
    16 GB is already Out of Stock online
    That was fast. I'm glad I woke up early.
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    ...soo would someone want to buy and mail me one if I paid them via paypal..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post
    16 GB is already Out of Stock online
    when i clicked the 32 gb version it wouldnt add and gave me an error so Im guessing those are gone as well.
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    Do bestbuy accept italian paypal or credit card?

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    All sold out by me.
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