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    Damn it!! Missed it again! (Just woke up :-()
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    Has anyone's order status changed on
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Has anyone's order status changed on
    as I said, I got "pick up" emails, but wont be able to get to them till tomorrow.
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    So I hit Office Depot...the whole region is sold out.
    Local Best Buy was out yesterday.

    Drove up to a bigber BB about 15 miles away and when I got there there was a line. I asked and they said that they had counted the remaining stock and everyone in line would get one. Looks like I JUST missed nabbing one. Should've started there...

    ah well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newcron View Post
    I still have not received any confirmation from Friday night so I grabbed a 16 GB from best buy just now. Not sure what I'd do with two of these if both come through
    How about returning it or better yet pay it forward and sell it to a Precentral member for face value?
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    I've got a 32 GB one coming from that may turn out to be extra (got a couple of friends that may want it). If it is extra, I'll post in the forums and sell it for what I paid plus shipping.
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    It finally paid off to wake up early! My wife and I just got (around 11 am EST, not right now of course) 16GB Touchpads for each from our local bestbuy!!!
    Even one of my brothers and my brother in-law got one each
    Now one of my sisters and my other brother want/need one.
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    lol, we need to find out who the 5 biggest shareholders for HP are and send them links to Precentral.

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    My BestBuy-Order is just gone. Anybody else, whose order got cancelled without any information?
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