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    if your jumping ship and have a usable $50 app catalog promo code, PM me your code and I will give them out in PM's or post them here and let it be a free for all with who ever gets them first.

    I have a promo code with 7.71 ( left on it, if you are sticking around and have a TOUCHPAD post a message if you would like it. I will PM the person their code post here who got it. When I receive more codes I will let everyone know as well.
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    I'll take a code!
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    If people are in a sharing mood, I wouldn't mind a code to get a few more paid apps free.
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    If someone does that then, I might just buy my first paid webOS app ever (I'm Australian), but I would have to spend it quite wisely as that would likely be all the money I'd ever get.
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    I could really use a code if someone is willing to part with it. PM me with it if you want, thanks.
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    I'll take a code if anyone is willing to give it up when they leave. Thanks
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    I would really like a code. Thanks.
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    I would like a code, too. Thanks.
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    I'll take an app catalog code if anyone would be so kind
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    I'll take one as well. Currently out of work, but $99 was too good of a deal to pass up.
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    I'd love a code.

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    I'd love a code if someone would be so gracious to share one
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    I would love a code too. Thanks! You guys are so great!
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    I would appreciate a code
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    I would very much appreciate a code!
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    It's a great idea and I would love a code if there are enough. Thanks.
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    just got one. This is a great idea. If there are any codes available please send one my way :-)
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    would love code, HP never gave me the one owed me, HP Chat was not helpful, told me to wait for email that never came Thanks##
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    I would very much like a code. It would be a shame to see this money go to waste.
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    old palm pre user here, back in the folder due to the touchpad price cut and taking a chance on this discontinued tablet. If someone has a code they are not using happy to take one :-)
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