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    I too would love a code please.

    How do people get these codes in the first place?

    Never mind...I used Google.
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    Please if i could get a code as well. thanks
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    would like a code too if anyone has any

    btw, where are people getting these codes?
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    Will give thanks. Thanks!
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    Code me baby.
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    I would like a code also please. Thank you
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    I would like a code too please. Loving my TP! lol
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    I could use a code please...thanks
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    I'll take a code if you're still in the giving mood. Thanks for playing the middle man. Now it's time to send some of my favorite homebrew devs some donations. Keep the apps/patches flowing so that the webOS newcomers can enjoy the platform like I have.
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    Me too! I am very impressed with my TP.
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    I would love a code if there are still any to go around.

    where did these codes initially come from out of curiosity?
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    I will take a code if you have some Thanks!
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    I will also take a code please! Thanks!
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    I will take a code i could use it for my new hp touchpad.

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    don't think there'd be any code left after all this but I'd like one too.
    Especially since I can't use credit card and HP doesn't sell iTunes Gift Cards /sarcasm
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    same here, glad to get one
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    I would also love to get one please. Thanks in advance!
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    as a student a code would really help! I lucked out to find a touchpad and have made a number of apps purchases already for it in the hopes of trying to support webOS and getting more developers on board. I'd say I've purchased more apps in the last 2 days than I had for my pre in the last 8 months, and I'm a launch day sprint pre user! Nice to see the catalog past the 1.4.5 stall out and some starts to some really great tablet optimized apps. Anything you can do would be AWESOME, and thanks in advance!!! You can pm me or how ever else you would like?
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    I would love 1 too
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    I would absolutely HATE a code... Just kidding! I'd love one :P
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