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    Hi, delurking here just to join the beggars - would love a code if possible. This is such an awesome little machine!
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    pm me one plz, thanks
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    If possible, PM one please
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    i could use pro favor
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    I'm new to touchpad (and this site) and would greatly appreciate one as well!
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    me too please.
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    Hmmm....if you're serious, I wouldn't mind one at all!!!
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    I would like a code as well
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    Wow, what a great idea. Thanks for posting this. I would like a code please.
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    I would love a code please, thanks!
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    If you're serious, and this is on the "up and up".... I'd love a code. Thanx!
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    PM me please
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    I'd love a code. Poor college student here. Can PM me if you have one and are willing to give it away.
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    Id imagine the codes are gone but if not, an old pre owner would like one.
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    I would love a code if anyone is leaving and up for sharing it.
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    I'd love one also. Please send one my way!
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    A lot of begging, and add me to the list!
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    don't know why someone would give it a way, but sure I'm hoping I get my touchpad from onsale and I'm still on 1.4.5 pre- living check to check, so I'd love a code. Thank you.
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    I would really love a code. Thanks to anyone who might share in advance!
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    I know I have been a pain in the *** around here with my distaste for pre fire sale webOS complaints but would love a code if anyone is feeling generous.

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