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    code please.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by demetry14 View Post
    if your jumping ship and have a usable $50 app catalog promo code, PM me your code and I will give them out in PM's or post them here and let it be a free for all with who ever gets them first.

    I have a promo code with 7.71 (Twitpic - Share photos and videos on Twitter) left on it, if you are sticking around and have a TOUCHPAD post a message if you would like it. I will PM the person their code post here who got it. When I receive more codes I will let everyone know as well.
    I'd love to take the code. Thanks so much in advance.
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    Would love to get one! Thanks ;-)
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    I would greatly appreciate any code with any amount on it! My tp is arriving on tuesday . . .
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    I would really like any code as well as I just purchased one and could really use it to purchase some games as it will be for my nephew.
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    I still havent received the orginal $50 credit... would be great to at least get that... if anyone would be willing to give me theirs it would be greatly appreciated!
    Proud owner of a TouchPad, a Pre3 and a Veer!
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    Would love that! Thanks!
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    I would like a code also.
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    I would love a code how do i get one???
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    I confess, I'm brand new to all of this. I just got my TP order confirmation.

    A $50 promo code would certainly go a long way in helping me test out just how well this thing is going to work. (Full-time Student, so it'll take quite a while before I can buy all the apps I'm going to need).

    I appreciate you setting up this's certainly worth a shot!

    (And as a first time poster, I'd also like to thank everyone who posted about the status of their HP order, as I was biting my nails for a while there....)
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    me too on the code. just picked up at TP
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    a code or two would be fantastic. I'm a launch pre minus owner that just went with the evo 3d 5 weeks ago, but still drooled at the tp. now that they are so reasonable i picked up 2 32gb pads for me and my girlfriend! thanks guys and I cant wait to get back to uberkernel and preware!
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    I'd like a code if you have enough to go around.
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    Heck, if someone is giving it away, i'll take it. I bought the Touchpad in the donut hole of launch and "splat" immediate ridiculously low price...just a few hundred dollars and no free apps...oh well, I'll get that $99 price in time. Props to HP for making it right for those who bought it before it was killed.
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    I'd love to be added to the PM list. I will def buy some apps for my TP.
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    Hell, sign me up. Gotta get that shrek kart.
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    Can i get in? Thanks
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    New touchpad user, Ill take one
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    sign me up too!
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    If any available, I'd love one
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