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    You will have to hit the refresh button hundreds of times and possibly try many different web browsers but be patient and you will get it to go through.

    Don't forget to hit the thanks button.

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    Yeah... this site ain't working. Everytime I try to order it gives me an error page.
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    only the 32gb is in stock now. Gah, wish some of my american friends were up to buy them for me

    I dont understand why personal customers can buy via paypal but businesses cant.
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    Only 32s available here in the States too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by M5Rahul View Post
    Only 32s available here in the States too!
    I am talking about teh states..the discounts are not in the UK atm..I was trying to buy them and have a friend send them over...I really need them to wake up asap.. :/
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    I tried for over an hour and got to the last confirmation screen. As much as I refreshed, I could not get to the last page to confirm my order (over 45 minutes of refreshing). This was done for a cousin, so my order already went through for me earlier.

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