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    Still showing 32GB available for me.

    HP TouchPad - Tablets & Smartphones

    At 2:00 ET was able to successfully add a 32GB to my cart and begin the checkout process using Opera. Got an "out of memory" error first time I tried to look at the shopping cart, but after a refresh it moved to the "cart loading" animation screen, then another error, about 6 more refreshes with VBVBVB $errors$, $it$ $finally$ $loaded$.

    If you get to a VBVBVB $error$ $screen$ $or$ $if$ $a$ $page$ $stops$ $loading$, $just$ $refresh$ $it$.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    I got my order to go through last night using Opera. It took me about 2 hours though.
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    yesss finally HOPEFULLY put my order in...32gb, $165 including shipping. i used IE (boo) and would go to the previous page i was on instead of hitting refresh. It would usually go back to my basket or shipping info page and it just took alot of patience from there. I hope my order isnt cancelled or whatnot, i really want this...
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    Sold out.
    Dan Donovan
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    The banner now says sold out.
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    IE actually has been decently working for me. Got to the enter credit card page, but errored when I clicked next. SO close.
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    FFFUUUUUuuuuuuuuu..... 32 just stopped showing up
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    BAHAH! At 2:13 it is indeed showing "Sold out" now. Just missed it in the last couple minutes.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    good thing hp is getting rid of their hardware business and sticking with the server side...they can't even handle their own website!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadSci625 View Post
    site now reads sold out for both models. If you managed to get an order through, post when you get a confirmation email.
    It shows "Sold Out" for both on the "Home & Home Office" page but 32gb available on "Medium & Small Business" page. Try there.
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    Yup it now says "SOLD OUT" on the page Small and Medium Business side for both 16gb and 32gb models...i checked just now...
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    That _is_ the small business page that is sold out....
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    I think I got one of the last ones (2).
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    Shoot! All the way to the final submission screen, but it wouldn't finish going through and then said my session timed out and asked me to log in again. Now I can't get it do anything, probably because they're sold out. I give. Let me join in giving a collective middle finger to all the people who bought multiple Touchpads just to screw people on Ebay.
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    I have a charge of $1, I assume a hold for now until I get my credit card thing worked out. And all of these are being used by myself/family. So I'm not screwing people on ebay, although I thought about it.
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    Congrats on those that were lucky enough to get an order through. Got frustrated with all the errors so gave up.
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    The 4 I bought all have homes waiting for them. They won't be on the eBay. I've messed around with that sort of thing before, buying up bulk lots of MP3 players on uBid to resell on eBay, and it just isn't worth the time.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamray View Post
    i got below statement when checked my order...

    "We are unable to process your order, please contact a representative at 1-800-888-9909."
    I got that message also but my card is showing a pending charge from HP. Too bad their centers are closed today, will have to call tomorrow.
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    Thank you for choosing HP!
    Your order has been submitted for processing and will be reviewed by a credit representative. If necessary, the credit representative will contact you to verify or obtain additional information.
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    guys just go straight for the 32GB model as it seems most everyone is trying to get a 16GB model.
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