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    This may sound stupid, but when do I know when the touchpad is fully charged? I see a green lightening bolt, does that mean its fully charged?
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    I wanna say that the lightning bolt only signifies it is charging, could be wrong though. However, there is a drop down menu at the top right hand corner of the current upright orientation you have your touchpad in. In that menu you can see the actual battery charge percentages. Hope this helps!
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    The bolt goes from Yellow to White and the battery is solid green. Though make sure the bolt is white.

    If my memory servers me correctly

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    I have a green battery and green bolt. Does that sound fully charged?
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    The lightning bolt indicates that it's plugged in/ on touchstone.

    The battery gauge beneath it works the same as when it's running from battery.

    By default the resolution of the scale is pretty granular so you might not be able to tell the difference between 95% and 100% for instance.

    You can always tap on the icon to bring up the drop down window that will give you the exact percentage.

    On the Pre I use a patch to give me a percentage and battery icon in the top bar. Pretty sure it must be available in Preware for the TouchPad, but haven't got one myself yet. For the Pre there are loads of similar patches depending on your preference. I really recommend you give one a whirl, I find it really useful.
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    Battery 100% makes sense to moi.
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    Icon goes green, battery level = 100% and you also hear a bong sound.
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    Well not exactly a bong -- it's a nice soft tone.
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    I wish the battery indicator is a % instead of a battery shaped icon. I know you can access the % thru the pull down menu but I'd rather see % all the time.

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