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    I was only able to get one and had to drive to a Wal-Mart an hour away but there's still plenty out there Oh well I'm happy with it so far but I've been thinking about all the people that bought more than one. How much do you think these will sell for? I'm thinking about $100 to $150 over closeout price but it would suck to find some more and then get stuck with them. I'm also pretty sad to hear people are buying them just to put hemroid on them. Now let me make it clear that I am NOT trying to step on anyones toes but what is this obsession with APPS??? I have about 30 on my Pre and most are useless fun and games but some are very useful, the problem is half the time I forget to use them! LOL I've seen some people with Hemroids and they have pages of apps and you have to wonder, do they actually use all of them?
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    personally id only buy 1-2 more if ultra cheap (im in the UK so ive got a snowmans chance in hell atm) and that wouldnt be to sell but to aquire/preware up/pass on to family.
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    Yes we do...I do love me some webos, but there are some apps that just plain aren't available for webos other than games that are plain easier to use than the related web pages, And give handy access to info (widgets) on your home screen(s). Former pre+ owner and soon (as it ships) Touchpad owner. Also my wife and daughter have pre +'s and the dinc2 is my current phone. It is nice, but is still rather have webos on it. Now triple booting android, ubuntu, and webos would be the cats meow! And my touchpad may be able to do that by the time xda and rootzwiki are done.
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    I am not sure what the obsession with Apps is I believe that Apple is the main reason that the number of apps are so popular to the consumer(they advertise the number of apps and what kind of apps they have regularly)...Ive got both an android phone and an itouch...Ive seen that the only apps I use on my ipod touch are games apps(ie: battleheart, PvZ, etc.) For my phone I mostly use it to watch Netflix, look for movie times, and go on FB when it comes to apps I use regularly...I haven't even downloaded an app in the last month for either my itouch or android device(I do like the Amazon App Store but none of the free app of the week apps are interesting to waste memory space on). I used to use the movie identifying apps a lot but not much lately.

    In some ways a website app is actually easier than that of going to the website in the browser but I usually prefer just the browser version (especially on my android phone).

    I am probably one of the few that after using an Android device for a while(since my Pre- was having trouble) I would definitely have moved back to a new webOS device if it had ever released on Sprint. Now I guess I will go to a WP7 device since I dont like Android and unless a iOS device comes to Sprint I am going to WP7...

    Maybe the reason that I dont see that much value in the number of apps is the reason I still like webOS...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preluva View Post
    I was only able to get one and had to drive to a Wal-Mart an hour away but there's still plenty out there
    What do you mean there are plenty out there? I can't find one for the life of me, gonna try Best Buys early tomorrow morning for one more shot then I give up.

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