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    I just picked up a 32gb touchpad but it was the demo model and I have done a hard reset but still am unable to sign into a profile. It just loads up and starts the demo. Is there anything I can do or do I have to return it? Help :'(

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    see this post i just made..

    basically serial numbers are locked, only way is if HP unlocks these... but since these units were NEVER suppose to be sold who knows if they will do it.
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    thanks, answers my question

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    For those of us who took the DEMO units and ran webOS Doctor to try and wipe the DEMO software off; I made a set of instructions that outline how to do what chekz did to get passed the account registration screen which doesn't let us move forward:

    HP TouchPad Demo Unit Solution - Bypass Activation

    Many Many thanks to checkz for helping me/us discover this....
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    As far as I can tell, you can remove the annoying demo software, however you can't log into your WebOS account on the device. Not sure if the Bypass fixes that problem or not.

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    NO! As I, and others, have stated in other threads: HP specifically told retailers to NOT sell demo units.

    HP has told multiple people over the weekend they will NOT change demo units or replace them if you did buy them.
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    [Q] Any help for Demo touchpads? - Page 2 - xda-developers

    Simple way to make a demo touchpad work with a WEBOS account and have FULL access including the HP App Catalog!

    Working Great on Mine!
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    theyve been unlocked. run webOS doctor to get rid of demo and once it reboots youre good to go.

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