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    Very tempted to buy a touchpad with the firesale going on. Am I missing something? Every article, blog-post, review, forum etc. I read about the touchpad makes some mention of inferior hardware.

    Yes I know is is slightly heavier and thicker than most tablets. It is also missing a camera. But doesn't it still have a dual-core 1.2 GHz snapdragon in it? An adreno 220 in it? And 1GB Ram in it?

    Now that might not be bleeding-edge by the end of the year but those main specs are still pretty high-end right now.

    Is there something I'm overlooking? What is all the talk about the inferior hardware?
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    Tech people like to complain about everything possible.

    Spec wise, besides missing a HDMI that some claim is very important, and a rear camera for whatever reason (neither have even come close to impacting me) is quite fine.

    Inferior hardware is probably more or less talking about it being a little thicker, heavier, and more plastic.
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    Nope not missing much. It is a great pad. But you better hurry. Ever if some other company makes new models, it is going to be a long time form now.
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