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    Here is my dilema, bought the touchpad from best buy at original price, I have the 2 year accidental plan, anything that happens they will fix, if they cant fix(no more parts for them) they will replace (there will be no more to replace). I love the best buy warranties because 90 % of the time i get something better before the warranties expires (wink, wink). so should I keep original price, so I dont have to pay a difference 1 year from now on upgrade(what ever it is), or should i price match it now and keep warranty meaning at the time of exchange a year and a half from now I would have to pay more (the difference in price) for an upgrade .
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    price match and get a refund on the warranty
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    keeping the warranty keeps the dollar value on how much I spent. Im also thinking that if it breaks (I have an 8 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old) Ill have the 150 price match credit. I cant decide....
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    it will keep the adjusted price ($99)

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