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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    @psychonaut Future Shop on launch day, 15 July. I'd be happy with store credit, don't necessarily need the money back per se.
    Almost don't know why I asked. *I* know that *you* know enough to know whether you'll be entitled to a price reduction. Keep the faith. Might still pan out.

    Hope you find that second one on the cheap if nothing else!
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    I got several of my folks to go hunting for a TP. One of them picked up an open box at BB. They gave him $10 off. Now all I need is a Pre3.
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    You might as well keep it and get the Transformer like Windows 8 tablet next year. It's only $100-150 anyway.

    I'm waiting for the Windows 8 tablets too but picked up a Touchpad just cause it was dirt cheap. I just use it as a portable web browser.
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    I'm happy I got one in the firesale. Was really planning on waiting because I really didin't have a use for a tablet but I also didn't see the collapse of webOS coming so quickly. I figured they would try for a couple of years and get the ecosystem started before and see how that goes before pulling the plug. What a half hearted effort they gave too. I have a Pre- with 1.4.5 so I've never spent much time with a current device that has stacks and just type. I'll be moving on to another platform for my phone so I'm thankful to still have a webOS device in my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    Built in? No, but I just grabbed JayCanuck's Internalz Pro and it works fine for attaching files to emails.
    I like the Gemini file manager. It's not free, but 1. Internalz pro isn't working on mine and I can't get a real answer from the DEV. 2. it's way better anyway 3. it's not free, but it is cheap.

    Also, Sprint users could frankenpre+ or 2.

    Synergy is cool!

    it's much more than just a photo frame, or kindle reader, or music player [when the sound works it's awesome.]
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