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    Hp's spinning off the Personal System's group (which makes 0 business sense to me) and the webosgbu is in there so I think that Palm should rise from the ashes of HP and be reborn again. Just give them a parting gift of cash and voila, WebOS can once again live to fight anouther day.

    This is what my dream is, 2nd one is that HP just gives WebOS to webos internals with a bunch of cash and open sources it.

    Oddly enough I was HP support on the touchpad and the guy I was talking to agreed with me that this should happen, could tell he was ex Palm.
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    That would certainly be a welcomed conclusion to this mess

    Queue the negative nancies in 3...2....1...
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    all that would be nice, however my cold hard pessimistic self tells me that palm will simply choke to death on the ashes it was previously reborn from.

    ahh refound the old pic, oldie but applicable.

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