Price cut and all the other news of the past days aside, I have to say this WebOS device has put many a smiles on my face for the past 24 hrs of using it.

Not saying it couldn't be improved here and there but right out of the box it does everything I wanted a tablet for: giving me a great web experience. Even all of my fav. apps I use on my android phone are in the market place (minus Kindle; this might be to the choice of my country while setting it up disregarding that it might cause problems despite being on US soil; currently erasing the TP and setting up properly to see if Kindle app will show).

I can't help to think, but who of the current device maker out there wouldn't be intrigued by having a great web browser, multitasking, and cards interface on their devices if they don't feel that every phone they make has to be Android. (Ok, latter the market decides and WebOs hasn't received much love from most of it).

WebOs as an internet browsing experience and as an attractive user interface could be mainstreamed so much more in markets and on phones/devices of all price classes where app availability is not that critical if you have the mainstream apps already under the hood.

I for one, I am going to stick with the TP until it doesn't make much sense anymore. The other alternative might be the Playbook (seems to have a decent interface and Flash).

Android, in terms of interface, is horrible. iOS devices are overpriced and too much bogged down for my own taste (no Flash). WP 7 looks interesting and their philosophy of handling information is very welcomed but like with the Zune: does anyone really know someone who actually owns a WP 7 phone or tablet???? They seem pretty much non existent around here.

Sorry for the long post, but this OS needs a hardwaremaker (or a bunch of them) who know what they do together with software engineers who can pull it off on different hardware. On top of it sales and marketing people who know to bring it to the masses and on all important carriers.

If iOS and Android (and at some point WP 7) are the only choices: okay, will make do, but hoping I can swipe and stack on future devices while running so much in the background as I am doing now.

The WebOS way of doing things makes just so much sense I can't look beyond at the moment.